Alumni Meet: Moments of Joy and Nostalgia

Thinking about Alumni Meet always takes us back to the moments of joy and nostalgia but also provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our knowledge and accomplishments.

After school, college is an altogether new world for everyone. College life brings with itself excitement with a feeling of independence and zeal to succeed to fulfil one’s dreams. College exposes a person to a new realm of life where he learns how to face the world and stay optimistic despite numerous failures. 

From orientation to fresher’s parties, amidst, the struggles of multiple assignments, projects, managing minimum attendances to avert TNG, CNG and requesting teachers to consider them to make them pass in internals, pleading for free lectures or attendance, organizing events time flies and the day of farewell comes with the realization that the batch has completed its three years. The students who were immature are now grown up and ready to take the next big leap in their lives. Looking back brings a combination of mixed feelings – being happy and sad at the same time. Happy because a new batch is coming in and sad because the passing out batch will be missed.

This cycle keeps on repeating but with every passing batch, memories stay back which remain intact and special in our hearts. It takes us in a flashback when we see a picture on social media and relive the past moments. Faculty and student share an intimate bond of love and respect which becomes firm with the passage of time. This is realized when we get calls from them on Teacher’s Day or any other occasion or when they simply approach us just to know our well-being in a college. All these moments are special.

Now, when we see our Alumni doing great in their personal and professional world and seeing them getting success fills us with the feeling of pride and honour.  We feel their achievement are like our achievements. Our Alumni have brought pronounced glory to their alma mater, SCMS NOIDA, by setting up an example of being a successful and socially conscious business leader. 

Alumni meet allows us to bring together our old students and provide them with a gift of memories and reminiscence to relive, rejoice, reignite and reconnect with old friends, and get indulged in the simple pleasure of cherishing memories away from the hustle-bustle of worldly desires and worries.


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