It has been said that health is wealth but in today’s competitive world, almost everybody is running after two things; success and money. For this we require perfection and competition wherein at this stage most of us face failure. Not in terms of perfection but in terms of self-love, self-care, self-introspection and peace of mind. These things seem to be wired, for many people it is something next to time wastage. But if won’t care for ourselves then who will. So, self-love is one of the most important aspects an individual should consider in his/her life. 

Self-love is a short phrase which defines itself differently for each and every person because everybody has their unique ways in which they take care of themselves. It can be a state of self-appreciation within an individual that propel from his/her actions which further supports their physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual growth. Summarizing the essence of Self-Love, it means: Taking care of your own needs and desires, not sacrificing them for others wellbeing, self-prioritization, removing toxic people around you and trusting yourself.

The ethos of considering self-love as a primary companion in life can be summed up as:

It provides us a higher level of life satisfaction: Self-love helps to provide us with a greater level of satisfaction as it creates an assurance that making mistakes is a considerate part of life and we are the ones who commits them and learn from them which acts as a stepping stone to success.

Brings simplicity and positivity: When a person starts loving himself/herself and cares for his own needs and desires, he/she stops being self-judgemental and removes toxic people and other negativities that surround him/her which in turn radiates highly positive vibrations.

It helps people to stay away from the fear of failure: Today’s world is full of competition. Technology is touching the sky, new start-ups with innovative ideas are coming up and continuously evolving, and what we imagine today can become a reality tomorrow. This advancement has pressurized young brains to be the best and stand out of the crowd. But the bitter truth is everyone doesn’t get success. This fear of failure affects their mental and emotional health. Stress, depression, anxiety, disorders and much more.

It helps us to stay away from the ills of perfectionism: All of us have been raised by our parents to become perfect. Even, everybody wants to be perfect. But the fact is perfectionism is not ideal every time and no one is perfect in this world.  So, it helps us to make them understand that everyone has pros and cons. Everyone is unique in his/her way and we should accept the way we are and put our emotional, mental and physical health first.

Gives peace of mind: It provides you with mental and emotional stability, makes you calm and composed, helps to stay focused and improves your health.

Many people want to know how they can love themselves. So, the answer is really very simple, do what you love, do anything that relaxes your mind and your body. Start putting yourself first. Start trusting yourself. Don’t think about what others will think, Don’t compare yourself with others because everyone is unique in their own way. Stop running after perfection, Take rests/breaks. One should always feel free to commit mistakes but should also learn from them. Meditation is the best medicine. Say no to “self-criticism”. Identify what you want, start believing in yourself. Start exploring new things, try to find something positive if anything bad happens. Avoid “self-doubt” or doubting yourself.


  1. Siddhant Upadhyay says:

    Idea of self love is depicted beautifully

    1. Yashi Mohan says:

      Thanks Sidddhant.

  2. Abhilasha Tiwari says:

    Self love is the best love! Beautifully written.

  3. Nancy kedia says:


  4. Samarth Bhatt says:

    Yeah, Self-Love is not a temporary feeling or emotion rather it is everlasting which is being beautifully depicted in this write-up!

    1. Yashi Mohan says:

      Thanks a lot Samarth for such a nice comment

  5. Aman Srivastava says:

    Such a great post! One of the best I’ve read in a while.

  6. Nancy kedia says:

    Insightful !

  7. Nishanth Reddy says:

    Very well put up the vital role how self love plays in one’s life

  8. Mitali Shahapurkar says:

    Love the way you have written this beautiful piece!

  9. Yash Aggarwal says:

    Indeed Self love is the best as it can’t give us heartbreaks….

  10. Soumya Deb Saha says:

    Self-love is really such an important aspect. nice insights:)

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