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“As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others.”  – Bill Gates

Leadership cannot have a well-defined description in explicit terms as it is not limited to certain traits. It could mean different things to different people. Still, there are some common attributes, which are usually related to a leader. One can say that leadership stems from the ability to influence others and not the authoritarian power. A person who is highly skilled and good at their job does not mean that they are a leader. They are only splendid managers and not leaders. A leader is more than that.

Leadership is a process of influencing the team members and encouraging them to achieve certain objectives. Leadership has many styles and forms and neither of the leadership styles is superior to the other. All the different styles of leadership have their significance. It depends on the needs and goals of an organization; which leadership style is best suited to them. Although, there are some skills a leader must have to lead a team skillfully. A leader should be a visionary. The leader should be able to communicate their vision to their team members in a simple and persuasive manner. Vision provides the team with a sense of direction. The team members should be able to see, feel and understand the vision of their leader and the goals they desire to achieve as a team. A leader has to be proactive, be a problem solver and always strive for excellence.

A leader should always be ready to deal with the changing environment and unforeseen situations. The leader should be able to support the team during the tough times and at the same time deliver results on time. A leader should aim to make the team more skilled and able. They should think of ways to evolve their team members and improve their performance. The students could benefit by developing leadership skills during their college life. They learn the art of building relationships and a network to support them. They become capable of building teams and achieving the objectives in a collective manner. The students learn to communicate with others effectively. By being a leader, students can inculcate confidence in themselves by being participative and conducting group activities. It will boost their ability to work as a team. They can even develop their problem-solving skills further, which would benefit them in the future. Having appropriate leadership skills is an added advantage because it would enhance the CV. It will make them stand out from the crowd. Also, leadership qualities are highly-sought in the corporate world. It will aid them in placement and in their professional lives as well.

As there are many skills required to lead a team, the Mentoring cell of SCMS NOIDA is organizing a webinar on “Leadership” on 29th January 2022. Our guest speaker, Mr Manish Advani will educate the students on how to build and gain such skills. The students will be equipped with all the procedures and methods to build the necessary skill set, which would be beneficial for them in completing their group projects efficiently and handling the group tasks comfortably in their professional lives.

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