BBA Specializations – Carving your skills

This dynamic world we’re living in, planning to take up the right specialization in BBA becomes a tedious yet significant task for a management student. Planning the right specialization is essential for a student to carve out their best skills and shape their career. After the admission procedure is complete and you are through with your first year of BBA program you need to select the right specialization, you feel you are suitable for and holds your interest. While making your decision focus on your interest, career prospects, abilities. Clinching the best specialization can be a tedious task, especially for the undergraduate students like BBA, as they are yet to explore their whole potential and have the advantage of passion and curiosity.

To keep up with this everchanging world, one needs to acquire lot of skills but more importantly master a few. Wielding a skill, you’re best at helps you stand out from your competition and boost your growth. Going with the right specialization can help you carve out your skills and be the best in the room. Also having the right set of specializations help your future goals and growth.

Undergraduate students generally have to decide between specializations like Marketing, Human Resource, Finance, Business Analytics and International Business. Each of them provides the students with basic skill sets needed for growth in respective fields and are crucial for extensive higher studies. Each student must go through a complete analysis of one’s interest abilities and prospects before choosing the right one.

Here are some suggestions on a way to plan to take up the right specialization:

  • Assess your personality traits.
  • Your earlier work experience may be an element which helps you decide the area of specialization which suits you the best.
  • List the task opportunities in your chosen field. Gather information about the duty profile in each of those roles.

All said and done, follow the trail you’re addicted to and lead yourself to a satisfying career ahead.

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA aids you with planning your specialization and promotes its importance, and for the same the Mentoring cell of SCMS NOIDA is organizing a five-day event i.e., Carve a Niche: Plan your Specialization for undergraduate students of first year. The online event is starting from 19th April, 2021 and will supply the necessary insight to students important for making the right decision. Various industry experts are invited to provide their valuable experiences in their respective fields and share their knowledge with the students to enable them make a right decision.


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