BBA: The right kickstart to your career

– Kushagra Chaturvedi (2023-27)

“BBA is only done by those who can do nothing else.” Yeah, you may have heard that thing or two while you were about to take the most important decision of your life which is, choosing your career path. Even a person who wants to do a BBA right from the start, gets to hear that. Well trust me there is absolutely nothing like that and in fact, being a BBA pursuer myself, I will try my best to make you know all about the reality and what I know of in this blog.

First, to clear the commotion, BBA is not only done by those who are incapable of doing any other thing. In fact, in today’s world, BBA has one of the fastest growing job prospects in a variety of fields. And that is one of the things that attracts people to do a BBA, its power to offer a variety of choices in different specializations which opens a plethora of opportunities. And congratulations! Because that is not the only advantage of a BBA, which is why I will proceed to tell you some of its other aspects.

  1. Market and Business knowledge: BBA as we know, is all about the basic knowledge of how a business works and what all skills are needed to get incorporated into the business environment. BBA offers valuable information to its students in various areas of business strategies, how the market works, exchange of goods and services and so on which is needed for them to work in the corporate world.
  2. Practical knowledge and Hand on experience: One of the main edges that one gets doing a BBA is the practical aspect of it. The students get to attain practical experiences by doing variousinternships, projects and having hands on experience activities which are part of the course itself.
  3. Overall personality development:
    A BBA offers an individual a great opportunity for their overall development. This relates to the various activities and opportunities that the BBA program offers to its students to improve upon their various attributes which are considered very important in the corporate world. These include public speaking, taking up Leadership roles, interpersonal skills as well as developing emotional intelligence and social acumen.
  4. Opportunities in the corporate world:
    And now for what all of you have been waiting for, the career opportunities! A BBA offers vast options in a variety of fields as it opens options in various areas such as Human resource management, Finance, Marketing, Business analytics, International Business etc. Not only this, but it also lays the groundwork for an individual who wants to open their own startup and get into the field of entrepreneurship. Adding to that it also makes way for an individual to do an MBA as it provides all the basic knowledge of the concepts taught in it.

So, concluding all of that, pursuing a BBA can surely be a decision that takes your career to new heights. Because considering all the factors, I would not say it would be such a bad thing to pursue undoubtedly one of the best and most professional degrees of all. Well, that was my take, I will leave it to you for you to decide what is best for you and whether you should do a BBA. So, take your decision and make your way towards a promising future!

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