BRANDATHON 2020 Branding Quiz @ SCMS NOIDA

Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business” STEVE FORBES

Branding can be explained as the promotion of a particular product or company by means of advertising with a unique name, term, design, or symbol that identifies an organization’s good or service which is different from those of others.  A brand is a promise to the clients in the best possible manner. Nowadays, not only people make brands but brands also define people.

Brandathon is an Intra-collegiate quiz, organized by the Marketing Club of SCMS NOIDA, comprising questions related to Brand Awareness. The Quiz has been designed as an innovative and interactive platform to facilitate an abundant flow of knowledge and the best ideas packaged in exciting rounds. Learning through market-related quizzing is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of marketing.

Brandathon will target marketing specialization students of SCMS NOIDA or who are interested in the marketing domain. Just like any other event, it would be full of learning and fun. All the questions in the quiz will be focused on providing industry-related knowledge, skill development, analytical thinking, etc. All in all, this would be a complete fun learning experience for a person in every aspect.

The event is focused on making the routine job more interesting and fun and at the same time acquiring/brushing up the knowledge effectively and efficiently. This will help the students to acquire knowledge related to current trends in the market and is designed to promote a fun way to study and in the process, help improve one’s general knowledge. After the event, each person would take home fond memories of the event.

“A great brand is a story that is never completely told.” — SCOTT BEDBURY


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