Branding, Advertising and PR in 2023

We are no longer living in the time when mass advertising was enough to achieve marketing objectives. Brand logo and name are no longer considered markers of differentiation. Marketers have to be a lot more intentional and strategic with their branding efforts to capture the market. The lines between branding, advertising and PR are becoming blurry as their objectives have become streamlined. These three elements complement each other to form a holistic marketing strategy, especially in the digital age.

Consumers of today are educated, cautious, and highly in-sync with their surroundings. They want competitive prices, high-quality products, excellent customer service, brand engagement, and convenience. Not only that, consumer loyalty depends upon how well the brand is able to connect with its consumers. This means having a robust public relations policy, being able to weave a compelling brand story and finding the correct medium for advertisement.

In 2023, marketing enthusiasts can expect to focus more on the synergy between analytics and marketing. As more and more data becomes available, budding managers would benefit from leveraging this data to inform their advertising and PR strategies. Brands should also focus on being flexible and receptive to consumer feedback, whilst trying to ignore the noise that clutters the digital marketing space. We will also see a rise in the use of AI to detect trends and patterns, connect with consumers, and streamline operations.

While there is an increase in complexity and volatility, aspiring corporate professionals must learn to thrive in such an environment. Therefore, here at SCMS NOIDA, we emphasise the importance of holistic learning and encourage innovation. To take a step further in this direction, the Marketing Club, PR Cell and QIC are conducting a workshop- Connect to Convert: Branding, Advertising and PR.

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