Control Anger before it Controls You

Just like every other emotion, anger is also one of the emotions every person experiences. Anger is a collective emotion of frustration, irritation, and failed expectations. It is natural to get angry and express this emotion. But it can be destructive when it gets out of control. In our everyday life, there are certain circumstances where things do not work as we want. This results in disappointment and often leads to anger. We express our anger by shouting, crying or sometimes by keeping quiet and not speaking to anyone and letting the fire of anger burn inside us. In many, we unknowingly either hurt others or hurt ourselves. It affects our relationships with colleagues, partners, family, and friends. Anger consumes us from within. It is a path of self-destruction when it gets out of control.

When we are angry, in our point of view we are correct. We become ignorant of what the other person has to say. We keep on adding fuel to the fire with our words and actions. It is said that every situation has two aspects but when we are angry, we look at the negative aspect of the situation which leads to disappointment. We do not have control over our minds and regret afterwards the way we react. Sometimes people say or react in a manner and regret it their whole life. Words spoken in anger can hurt more than the injury caused by a sharp knife. Anger is an emotion we cannot avoid. But we can control it to ensure a positive and healthy environment for us as well as the people around us. We must make sure that our aggression is not converted into destruction. For our emotional well-being, we must control our emotions before they control us. To do so, we should know how to manage our anger. Ineffective anger management results in negativity. It affects our mind which will simultaneously affect our physical health. All this will have a negative impact on our quality of life.

Managing your anger does not imply that you will never be furious. Rather, it entails learning to recognize, manage, and express anger healthily and constructively. Thus, as a part of the value-added course, Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA has hosted a webinar on Anger Management on February 19, 2022. We have Dr Anjuman Bains as the coveted speaker of the session. As a counsellor and mentor, she will guide students on how to manage anger and how to channel it into something productive. This session would be a medium to gain knowledge about how to manage your anger and put it into use where you with others can gain the most out of it.


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