Days of lockdown, away from SCMS NOIDA

It’s been almost one year since I joined one of the top BBA colleges of NOIDA i.e. SCMS NOIDA and more than 70 days of lockdown and quarantine in my life. I still remember that night when I was about to sleep after 2 hours of studying, as I had my VIVA the very next day and a notification popped up on my phone and I thought I’ll check it in the morning, whatever it is, but then suddenly it felt like someone’s bombarding my phone with texts and groups. I thought it must be spammed by random messages. Within seconds I heard some voices coming in from the corridor of my hostel and thereafter my friend knocked on my door as hard as if he’ll break the door. I got up from my bed to open the door while checking my phone and saw the mail that said, the college will be closed till further notice. I was happy because the VIVA was cancelled.

The next morning, I decided to go back home and got ready to leave and while locking the door of my hostel room I said to it “I’ll be back in 4 days, buddy” but since then it feels like it’s been 4 years that I’ve been to my room and college.

And now, I badly miss my college and hostel. So, what do I miss or whom do I miss? My friends, teachers, studies, my room or my belongings? No, I miss my college which is a combination of it, all. It’s my life, you can say.

Take a bowl, add some sweetness, add some humor, and add some fun, now add some seriousness as per your taste and many large tablespoons of Maggi and MY SCMS NOIDA is ready!

The place where I not only learn but live and laugh too.


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