Dear Teacher, Thank You For Believing in Us!

From our childhood, we have heard the term “teacher” countless times.

But what is the significance of the word “teacher”?

I mean we have a day called teacher’s day in our calendar, a day dedicated to teachers all over the world but the question comes what’s so special about teachers?

Google can help us find numerous definitions of the word teacher and how the word has evolved throughout history but we would still not be able to understand the “actual” meaning of the word.

I believe that teachers come into our lives in various forms. In the forms of parents, siblings, friends and of course, we can’t forget our school and college teachers who have played and keep playing a major role throughout our life.

A teacher is someone who inspires and motivates us to go above and beyond our potential. They provide us with the knowledge that no textbook or browser in the world can provide us with, they see things that nobody does and do things that nobody has thought of. 

I hope you remember the movie Kung Fu panda, it is one of the best examples of defining the significance of a teacher. Poo (the panda) was always an eager learner with a lot of potential to do great in Kung Fu, it was just that Master Shifu (the rabbit and his teacher) never wanted to teach him and despised Poo. It is later in the movie that Shifu realizes he was wrong about Poo and saw through him that nobody else did, which he used as an advantage to teach Poo and make him the best Kung Fu warrior in history. While others saw a big fat panda, Shifu saw a panda who never gave up even after the odds were against him. Shifu displayed the characteristics of a true teacher. During Poo’s journey of becoming a Kung Fu warrior, his father and his friends also acted as teachers to motivate and inspire him for reaching his goal.

As it is said, a teacher comes in many forms and each form plays a very key role in different walks of life. 

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