Dear Teacher, Thank You For Changing Our Lives!

They may not correct you every time, but their blessings will guide you. 

They may not protect you every time, but their caressed touch will empower you.

They may not be by you every time, but their lessons will cherish you. 

‘They are non-other than our teachers, who bless us with their immense devotion and dedication. 

Right from teaching the alphabet to writing literature, every teacher covers this long journey and shapes their students’ life. There is not only the exchange of knowledge but a lot of soft skills that build ones’ personality. By reflecting the harsh sides of life to their students, they train them. It’s not easy to change a life of a person, which is why it takes a great teacher to do so. Handling students with different psychology and attitudes and iterating the teaching mode accordingly is certainly a complicated work that a teacher performs daily, just to give meaning to every student’s life.

The work of a teacher is not restricted to school or college hours, it takes a lifetime dedication of to understanding, creating, and expressing the valuable insights in a way to be understood and absorbed. Teaching is that one profession that makes other professions. It isn’t education as the most powerful weapon; it is the teaching behind it that makes it so. Whether it be years back teaching in Ashrams to the present mode of digital media, the prime purpose of teachers remains the same- to shape the future of individuals. It takes a big heart to mould the little minds. The place of a teacher is irreplaceable. No matter how many books we have, they’ll be mere pages in the absence of a teacher. 

There are multiple roles a teacher performs, as an awakener; to awake the hidden talent, as a companion; to understand and support, as a writer; to inspire with words, as a counsellor; to guide the future actions, as an artist, to make new ways to teach and as a learner; to gather more knowledge for their students. 

In this world where everyone wants to defeat others, teachers are the only ones who want others to grow and achieve, which is why THEY ARE CONSIDERED AS WORSHIPPED IDOLS. 


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