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Deep inside within each one of us lies a fierce competitor, with a knack for winning and an eye for details. Combine that with a financial acumen and an entrepreneurial spirit, and what do you get? A prospective pool of participants for Bizcon, the Annual Business Fest of SCMS, NOIDA. 

Decode is a case-study competition at Bizcon, which provides an opportunity for all lean and mean students to first subject themselves to a fun yet unforgiving elimination quiz round and further go on to rack their brains in a puzzling case study competition if they emerge victorious.

Decode, i.e., the Case Study Competition of Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies – NOIDA is moderated by the Marketing Club in association with other academic clubs i.e., International Business, Business Analytics Club, HR Club along with Finance Club. The main objective of Decode is to increase the scope of your knowledge through research and analysis. Solving real life problems, being dynamic and putting on your thinking caps are just some of the things that Decode will prepare you for. 

Keeping this in mind, Decode calls out all the future case writers, CEOs, academicians and industry experts to bring in their wit and knowledge to solve intriguing case studies in the area of business and management. The aim is to highlight real-life challenges and incidents experienced by people working in the corporate world. Decode, setting up a virtual stage, will help the students gain versatility in various realms from building problem-solving skills, taking decisions in a complex environment and coping with ambiguities to improving their leadership potential and discovering their innate corporate skills. 

Participation in Decode can participate on their own, as well as in groups of a maximum of 3 participants. This event will comprise of 2 rounds. The first round will be an elimination quiz round and the second will be the case study round. In the first round, your corporate knowledge and current affairs of the industrial world will be tested. In the second round, participants will be presented with mind-boggling and staggering case studies, which they will have to decode and decrypt. The participants will be required to peruse what went wrong and present other possibilities or strategies for the same. 

“By the time there’s a case study about your company, you should already be a pro.” 

So, all the future CEOs and directors who have the potential, gear up as here we present you the perfect opportunity to showcase your talent and skills. Read the case study, decode it, show your potential to be the perfect business man, give your reasons, and show your presentation skills. Give in your complete efforts and innovative ideas. Tell us that you’re the best amongst all the upcoming CEOs. 

Decode. Analyze. Interpret. Ideate. Showcase.


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    Good to know one’s own unique potential and caliber . This Blog is the key to certain tools that can certainly help many students recognize those. Good Writeup.

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    The name itself excited us for the event. and now the blog….Eagerly waiting

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    nicely scripted, ….looking forward to the event:)

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      Very well written!

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