Developing Global Competencies for a VUCA world

The business environment is dynamic in nature and keeps on changing, it is necessary for all the emerging leaders to have a larger skill set to think and act in a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous corporate world. VUCA is an abbreviation that stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity and is primarily focused on the leadership principles. In today’s business world, the rate of change outpaces the capability to react. There are enormous tectonic upheavals that necessitate a revolutionary leadership attitude. The decisions that the leaders have to take under complexity necessitates VUCA competencies. These include abilities such as collaborative capability, paradigm coordination, situational thinking, and decision-making processes.

In the present times, it is mandatory for all the organizations all across the world to adopt the next-generation transformational leadership style to meet the developmental requirements of their aspiring leaders. Climate change, demography, increasing customer requirements, the rise of technology and globalization are just a few of the fast evolving concerns that the leaders should keep in mind in order to function effectively and efficiently in the business world. 

A good leader is someone who motivates and engages the employees while also adjusting to shifting client demands and achieving results. All this must be accomplished with a sense of urgency, as the experienced veteran leaders continue to retire. An organization’s leadership pipeline is supposed to deliver the next generation of leaders who should be prepared to face the challenges in the VUCA world. These leaders should simultaneously ensure that the targets are met, the ethical character of the firm is strengthened and protected, and transformative change is navigated in favor of a prosperous, successful future.

The challenges faced by the leaders in the global world are volatile in nature. A leader has to be prepared for these challenges and solve them effectively and efficiently whenever. A leader should always have alternative solutions as the final outcome of a challenge is not always as expected. To thrive in this growing and changing corporate world the leaders need to have a clear vision while adopting the solutions to face the challenges in the VUCA world. The executives must be curious and receptive to new methods and approaches from different methods. Leaders that make decisions based on a fine balance between their intuition and the most logical solution to a challenge survive in a VUCA environment.  Looking forward to listen to the expert speaker sharing his thoughts on the International Students Day 2021.


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