Discussions and deliberations involved in an HR Conclave

The Human Resource industry has been evolving at an expeditious pace when it comes to technology and trends. The role of HR has been transformed from merely managing employee payroll data to a strategic partner in business decision making and now it is an extrusive body working on future-oriented predictions. The perception of HR is moving from being a purely qualitative domain to an analytical one. This transformation has brought a set of new competitive challenges as well as opportunities for industry leaders and technology innovators in the field of HR.

The dawn of 2020 saw the rise of the infamous, COVID-19. With the public locked in their homes, markets, and businesses being closed has put the ideal work structure on halt. The HR department in the best organizations has proved its efficacy in the current pandemic situation by upholding the ideals of the workplace, retaining the talent, and delivering the performance. The present role of HR in the digital era can best be understood through the discussions and deliberations involved in an HR Conclave.

The HR Conclave stimulates a gathering of the HR ecosystem which provides the audience with a platform wherein discussions on prevailing topics happen. The Conclave brings together the top HR professionals and corporate leaders from various firms across the country. They put forward their opinions, share life experiences as well as knowledge about the rapidly changing and evolving trends in the HR Industry. They provide an insight on how to figure out the opportunities from these evolving challenges in the competitive work environment.

SCMS NOIDA brings to you a bunch of experiences being shared with the students which will guide them to become more knowledgeable and have deeper insights into the evolving role of HR professionals in the corporate world. With the theme “Restructuring towards HR Excellence in Digital Era-The Future Need” the HR professionals would provide insights on how the emerging digital economy has disrupted the business operations. Also, how the HR professionals will now tackle the pandemic situation and convert it into an opportunity. We’ll further be able to dive into the rising role of analytics in HR and how an overwhelming amount of effort goes into the collation of data. The Conclave at SCMS NOIDA envisions the students to embrace modern workplace etiquettes and skills that will help them run forward-looking businesses.


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