DURGA PUJA – The most awakening festival

Being a Bengali, Durga PUJA has a very special place in my heart, it is that one thing which makes you proud of your culture. The environment during the puja is so awakening and auspicious that one could feel the positivity in themselves.

The experience of Durga puja is all about beautiful colours, happy faces and mindful souls.

The morning prayers (Anjali) happens all the four days, and despite being a part of gen z, it enlightens the soul and makes you believe that God exists. The beautifully handcrafted idols of goddess Durga are so pretty and unique every year that there is always an excitement. Goddess Durga is the actual representation of a brave and strong lady who is ready to kill all the demons that come across to her path. As we can all see in this century we are finally talking out loud about women’s rights and feminism, I am sure that goddess Durga must be very proud of all of us.

The evening aartis create a different aura and vibe in the surrounding, it makes you feel like there are no worries ahead, you couldn’t resist yourself to dance and jam on the sound and beats of drums. The smell of dhunichi (Bengali incense burner) will attract you to just enjoy the moment forgetting all that going in your lives.

Being a woman and Worshiping the goddess is a different feeling, you feel so connected and literally, the understanding is high. Jokes apart, I am always grateful to Goddess Durga that she invites me to have these LIT four days every year where, I wear beautiful new clothes, a lot of makeup and just give compliments to myself.

AT THE DAY 4 (VISARJAN) IT REALLY feels that she is going and you have to return back to your real life, but still there is hope and you know that she gonna come back next year with the same energy and the lit vibe!!!

“ashche bochor, abaar hobe”

( a bengali saying means next year, it will happen again)

and by this, I mean the puja, not pandemic.


  1. Bhargavi Agarwal says:

    Great! Congratulations 👑

    1. Soma Banerjee says:

      Nice write up Ria…

  2. Mishi Jain says:

    Woww, rightly said!❤️

  3. muskan agarwal says:


  4. Ketki Roy says:

    Good. Proud.

  5. Yash says:

    I can’t express how good i felt reading this

  6. Bithika Roy says:

    I felt so connected…. Very nice

  7. Soumya Deb Saha says:

    thats some felicitous content, very relatable…. loved it

  8. Nishanth Reddy says:

    well explained the traditions, I personally got connected to it

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