Team Building is an integral part of any student’s life. It is necessary to know how to work in a team because it not only inculcate leadership and teamwork skills but also improves one’s communication. Team building provides needed skills, abilities, and encouragement to work with others effectively. However, to be truly effective, it must be a continuous process that is ingrained in the culture of the team. Team building is a word that refers to a variety of activities that are meant to improve social relations and clarify responsibilities within teams, and it frequently involves collaborative tasks. People develop trust and a sense of oneness when team-building exercises are used. Students are more at ease expressing their problems and needs, resulting in more effective communication. People can benefit from team building by getting on the same page, cooperating, and increasing their drive. To put it another way, productivity will almost certainly increase. Also, team-building exercises help to maintain a positive culture. Team building activities are crucial to bring together team members who may not usually collaborate daily. Remote team building has the potential to strengthen relationships, improving productivity, retention, engagement, and morale.

Greater collaboration and coordination between people is one of the greatest essential advantages of a well-organized team building activity. People can form associations & cultivate links of contacts outside of their daily roles via organizing activities that they relish and indulge as a group. This will aid them in the future. These kinds of activities allow students to utilize their imagination to come up with innovative solutions. The utmost significant benefit of a well-organized team-building activity is improved communication. People get to identify one another, acquire a better understanding of each other, and collapse walls of distrust by encouraging people to focus on their commonalities rather than their dissimilarities through fun and engaging events. Team building events are an effective method to foster collaboration and trust, as well as to boost motivation, nurture strengths, and address problems. To have a true influence, they must, however, have a legitimate purpose and be well-planned.

Hence, Mentoring Cell of SCMS, Noida has come up with this one-day online event Cobuild-Teamwork is the key for 2nd and 3rd year students wherein they will be playing some team-building activities. They will be pretty helpful in boosting the morale of students, making them step outside of their comfort zones and an opportunity to socialize. The main objective of conducting this event is to improve interpersonal communication skills and motivational levels. It encourages out-of-the-box and creative thinking among students. Also making students understand the importance of working in teams by inculcating leadership skills. This event will be an icebreaker for the students making it easier for them to communicate. Students will feel more confident after attending this event where they will interact, open up themselves, and bond with their peers. It’s the best way to improve mental health and manage stress. So, fasten your seat belts to escape from boring monotonous life and to do something thrilling and exciting. Get ready to experience the best of college life along with your friends. Don’t miss to join us on 5th and 7th August 2021!!


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