Winning the best delegate in Model United Nations Conference isn’t a piece of cake, it involves you putting the efforts and presenting it to the entire committee that you are a worthy one for that flagship. We will abridge some very essential tips and tricks for you on HOW YOU CAN WIN THE BEST DELEGATE in SYMUNC ’21Online Model United Nations Conference organized by Symbiosis in Delhi NCR!

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument”

― Desmond Tutu

International committees include UNGA, UNHRC, UNCSW etc. First things first, for the international committees, you need to be systematic with your research. Go over the Background guides, past international actions, country policy, possible Solutions. Policy-crafting is taking that one step extra — it’s about what best possible actions your country *would* take, you can be creative and versatile with policy and actions. The two most commonly used rules of procedure are North American/ UNA-USA procedure and THIMUN procedure; most are modified from those two. The supreme aim of a MUN conference is to discuss a given problem statement and to find solutions. Solutions need to be documented very well, so as a layman can know about it from scratch. The paperwork will mainly deal with documenting solutions to the agenda. We need the stream of the committee in a way that we cover position paper where we dialog about your country’s position on that subject. Moving on, working papers can be roughly termed as a forerunner to a draft resolution which is a consolidation of the working papers of numerous delegates with highlighted apprehensions and solutions.

“The purpose of arguing is not to win. Arguing is not a game. It’s not, “I’m cleverer than you are.” The purpose of argument is like the purpose of science: to know. It’s a means, not the only means, of knowing, of transferring us from ignorance to knowledge, a way of getting out of that cave.”

― Peter Kreeft

Indian Committees mainly consist of All India Political Party Meet (AIPPM) and Lok Sabha. AIPPM and Lok Sabha are bilingual committees i.e. both Hindi and English would be accepted as a medium of communication. In order to bag the reward, the research and reading background guide is very much essential. In business, one has to follow PESTLE and SWOT analysis to know where they stand and we recommend to pursue this approach in studying the agenda as well as the portfolio allotted to you. Being it an Indian committee, the legalities are important. Every time you give a speech, assign it with a legal approach and this makes a great chance to outrun others. In addition to that, being active and with a touch of diplomacy can make you feel a good impression of the Speaker and Moderator. In Indian committees, the solutions should mainly be feasible and flexible for Indian citizens as well the government, in order to implement it. Documentation part has its importance in the committee, where it should be done according to the agenda. Documentation can be in the form of working paper, press release and so on.

To put it in a nutshell, Indian committees mainly discuss the current issues prevailing in India and questioning the ruling government regarding it. It also helps in drawing the solutions from a common man point of view!

Delegates, researching is not enough, you NEED to ANALYSE your research, a critical brainstorming toolkit necessary to develop strategies. Your speech should INSPIRE confidence, control and commitment. PUSH the debate forward instead of making it factual and static. Project your VOICE just to DELIVER. CHANNEL the chair, CREDIT other delegates, CUSHION your statements by praising the others and INFLUENCE through chits Lastly, LOOK FORWARD to a new experience, a new interaction with intellectuals not only from Delhi NCR but across the country in Symbiosis NOIDA campus, because SYMUNC never fails to deliver THE BEST! 


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  3. Was a pleasure writing this blog! Can’t wait for the best!! 💞

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