Finding Family: A home away from home

Ever since the idea of college was imbibed in my brain, whether it is through movies or TV shows I have always been charmed by it. The excitement of a world where you would have independence and memories which last a lifetime was surely enamoring.

But the idea was too good to be seen the cons of and I surely did not take into account all the adjusting, nervousness and homesickness that comes along with it. When entering through the gates of college you leave a sense of familiarity behind you all the streets you knew now vanished, all your favorite food places now have gone as you are surrounded by nothing but new faces and new places.

A strange place truly as the gush of walking through a corridor with noises that ring your head takes over you. A good impression matters at least when I meet people for the first time, but the sudden epiphany hits you that everyone else is just as lost as you are. Looking for people to bond with and finding their match and it puts you at certain ease to know that you aren’t stuck as the conversation flows easily without second thoughts of being judged for being you. It starts with one and then jumps to a huge amount as more and more people get connected.

And you finally find your calling, your own “squad” at the top BBA college in Delhi NCR, SCMS NOIDA. The bunch you go on to hang out with, bunk classes with (whoops) and the people you fall back on whether it be for an assignment or getting change for buying Maggi (as if we ever payback). They unknowingly or knowingly become your family and definitely the group whom you run to, for both, your joy and your sorrows as the unfamiliarity fades into a familiarity which is much better than you could ever ask for.

Welcome to your family in SCMS NOIDA, which might be away from home but is too close to your heart.

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