Future of Education

Education has always been an important aspect of the life of a human being, it changes and develops the way a person perceives worldly problems and gives a holistic approach to the person to apply logical reasoning. We will try to understand how the current scenario would shape the future of the Indian education system.

The current global pandemic and the consecutive lockdowns have changed the education system, online education came to be a saviour for the students to carry on their studies, and hence now online education is the growing face of the education system worldwide. The new education policy that has been announced by India’s newly-named Ministry of Education, which was previously known as the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) aims to transform India’s education standards by the year 2040. Moreover, students are giving importance to skill-based courses more than the traditional courses, when compared to the traditional courses. These skill-based courses are typical of short duration ranging from 3 months to 1 year maximum, also they include a great amount of practical training for the students which gives them a first-hand approach towards the technicalities involved, these courses are based on the practical skills and theory is optimum and also most of these courses offer job guarantee which makes it even more attractive for the aspirant. Allowing flexibility in the completion of a course is another innovation that is urgently needed. This would allow students to take actual breaks and pace their studies at their own pace. The students could also learn continuously and be certified at certain milestones — say, a certificate after passing an exam after six months; a diploma after one year; and a degree after two years — with the caveat that they must finish the degree within four years of starting the program. 

That way, theory, and practice may coexist healthily, and dropout rates can be kept to a minimum. Due to this, new deemed and private universities have been established as have dozens of colleges and institutes in the major metropolises and even in the tiniest communities.

Student ownership in the learning process will also increase and he/she would need to take more responsibility in the learning process. However, the teacher would now be the clarifier and the problem-solving specialist.

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