Gen Z- Blessings in disguise

Technology has influenced our cognitive skills, mental health, and social habits and made our lives easier. For millennials, spending too much time on the internet will cause many problems. As more children and young adults become addicted to the internet, the generation becomes more prone to a range of issues. We are the first generation to be allowed to live twice. Our life is simultaneously experienced and curated for our safety — exhibited, packaged, and polished. Bits, bytes, and pixels are used to create digital fortresses with zeroes and ones as walls.

 This entire generation is turned into vapid narcissists. From deceptive selfie angles that make regular folks appear gorgeous to curating your Instagram feed make it appear as if you’re having more fun than you are, social media has injected cocaine-laced steroids into neoliberalism’s self-centred dogma. We all build versions of ourselves to appear curators of our stories and in control of our lives. We are the most terrible generation ever. Social media allows us to project ourselves as an avatar of the person we want to be, rather than the person we are. Such a strong focus on the self can result in self-obsession, but this is about more than just people taking too many selfies and treating every activity as a hashtagging opportunity. We all appear to live these ideal, joyful lives, but we all know it’s a ruse just like plastic.

But pretending isn’t the same as being plastic. The ability to imagine is what makes us human. It enables us to determine which version of ourselves is the most appropriate. We aren’t an awful generation. We are simply the most vulnerable. We are constantly receiving comments and being judged. So, indeed, the social media mask is a tool for surviving the passage of time. Perhaps it gives a tiny layer of defence. Maybe this mask allows us to evolve, discover, and reinvent ourselves. Perhaps this is why we can live our lives in a better way by constantly sharing and updating ourselves. Maybe this is the reason why Gen z embraces change. They have been moulded by a society that values openness and diversity. We now see homosexual marriage as a standard and accepted element of society. The critical thing is to have friends who know you without the mask on and be content with who you are. It is essential to have a friend who sticks around you when things get tough and comforts you when you cry.

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