Get Ready for SYMUNC’23 – The Biggest Model United Nations Conference of the Year

Introduction: What is SYMUNC’23 and Why is it Such an Exciting Event?

Symbiosis International Deemed University, in every event, believes that offering a performance space for educating people with tremendous potential who may become tomorrow’s representatives, and changing the way people look is valuable and crucial.

The long-awaited 9th edition of Symbiosis Model United Nations Conference (SYMUNC’23) will be held on the 3rd and 4th of February, 2023, and is being passionately announced by Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA, inviting representatives from more than 200 institutions around the nations to demonstrate their perspectives on emerging global issues. These delegates will compete for the best to change the way the world looks at these issues.

What to Expect from SYMUNC’23 – A Look at the Agenda

With the world in a state of unrest due to the COVID-19 pandemic, SYMUNC provides a forum for people to express their opinions and ideas about current technological and economical issues and policies while still being diplomatically polite. We are working hard to invite as many delegates as possible and provide them with a memorable experience, and our devoted working committee will do everything possible to ensure that there are no hindrances.

Six committees—the UNCSW, UNGA DISEC, UNHRC, ECOSOC and AIPPM with International Press—along with a carefully selected Executive Board were assembled to flawlessly moderate the summit and make it better than the last summit of the 8th SYMUNC.

Debates & Discussions That SYMUNC’23 Will Bring to the Table

UNCSW- Discussion and deliberation on the loopholes and drawbacks of existing legislation of states with regard to women and 5TH SDG 2030.
UNGA DISEC- Discussion on the issue of offshore military bases in non-national territories.
UNHRC- Emphasis on the elimination of all forms of religious tolerance with special emphasis on Islamophobia.
COSOC- Minimizing economic shock in a globalized economy with an emphasis on uplifting rural areas.
AIPPM- Discussion on the upgradation of the status of Jammu and Kashmir to possible re-establishment of statehood.

Don’t Miss Out on These Networking Opportunities at SYMUNC’23!

“SYMUNC is more than just a conference,” we affirm on behalf of the entire working committee. It is a feeling, and each of us who is affected by it is a part of a large, one family.
One such powerful emotion that has driven everyone to work day and night is SYMUNC’23. Everyone is motivated to make this gathering far more impressive, with a large number of delegates sharing their knowledge.

It has something for everyone, from a huge array of captivating committees to cash prizes, from knowledge to incredible experiences.


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