Global Businesses in Industry 4.0 – A Twisted Fable of Growth

Connectedness, automation, and machine learning are some of the many terms, which are often widely used to describe Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 tries to merge and blend physical production with tech, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other elements to design a system that is tightly interwoven and works with the best possible efficiency. It enables organizations by equipping them with insights that not only offer them a clear grasp of their operations and functionality but also qualify them to seize the opportunities and improve their operational efficiency and productivity.

With the availability of such advanced technology, businesses often find themselves in the conundrum of deciding whether they should opt for catering to the needs and requirements of a mass audience or they should only focus on fulfilling niche desires and expectations. While selecting a mass audience would benefit the organization in terms of both economies of scale gains as well as quicker production, however, choosing to focus on niche products would help the organization to reap huge profit margins. Therefore, the decision of selection should be done after taking as many aspects into consideration.

Besides, firms are often seen deploying a multitude of innovation and growth strategies to capitalize on the opportunities available. These often entail striving to make processes and systems as flexible, fluid, and agile as possible in order to save costs and maximize resource use. In addition, they try to engage in activities and practices that help them enhance their productivity, earnings, and yields. Apart from that, they also try to make sure that the quality of the product remains high.

Incorporating this innovation often leads to growth. As mentioned earlier, with the use of Industry 4.0 techniques, businesses often attain high productivity, potency, and effectualness, which then leads to business growth. However, this is not always the scenario. As assimilation of technology comes with a significant amount of investment of funds, businesses might not end up receiving enough returns on their investments. Therefore, businesses should perform a careful analysis of the merits and demerits and then come to a conclusion after extensive evaluation of all the possible attributes and facets and their thorough analysis.


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