Global Education Emerging Trends: Empowering Students Through Exchange

On the eve of International Students’ Day, let us look back at the emerging global trend in
education which gives the students a chance to represent their country to the world. It is a
great way to have _ a once in a lifetime experience of shaping one’s career aspirations. The
student exchange programs exemplify the exposure to international education. Being a
witness to the diversity and richness from different parts of the world, the exchange programs
offer a transformative power of international experience.

Students of @Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida have had a unique
opportunity to be the part of different cultures and academic environments through semester
exchange programs. I, as a student in the institution have had a similar experience by
participating in the international summer school programs. The experience has broadened my
horizons and provided me with a knowledge of different paths I can choose for my career.
The interaction with students of different countries fosters a global way of thinking and
institutions like SCMS’N, with an active international cell help the young minds appreciate
the cultural diversity and fuel the belief that meaningful relationships can be formed
anywhere in the world. Being backed by one’s institution is a crucial point as it helps
overcome the challenges of studying in a foreign country. An inclusive environment of an
institute creates an atmosphere of belongingness and nurtures diversity.

As we celebrate the diversity and richness with International Student’s Day, we also reflect
upon the semester exchange program and just how important it is in broadening academic
horizons. The life skills and intercultural understanding one gets from the exchange gives a
bigger perspective into the world.

Let us embrace the uniqueness that international students bring to the global academic
community and support more semester exchange opportunities by promoting the international
collaborations. In the spirit of International Students’ Day, let us build a more connected
world and blur the borders in academic front. Let us create a world where international
experience is cherished and contributes to the personal and professional growth of students
around the world.

Happy International Students Day!!

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