Grit and perseverance

Ever wondered what all the YouTube videos that one occasionally stumbles upon talking about success and what the most successful people one is cognizant of do differently or have acquired/ are born with an innate talent have in common? They never give up.

That is the biggest secret (and maybe I saved you the 10 minutes you might’ve invested in watching the video). As a management student, I would say that is the secret sauce and its ingredients are grit, perseverance, and of course hard work. If we are healthy emotionally, we can enhance the productivity and effectiveness of our lives.

The one who believes himself is the winner of the race. But this is something that we don’t realize when we are younger instead, we are worried about those things which might or might not result in a mammoth of success. This doesn’t imply that one shouldn’t work hard to maybe score better or stand first in class. But the catch here is that the race should be with themselves from yesterday and not with others. One should not take stress, rather keep themselves positive during the difficult times.

To elucidate my thoughts as a management student more clearly, I’d like to give a beautiful example from the movie “Chaalang” starring Rajkumar Rao, Nushart Bahrucha, and Saurabh Shukla. There was one scene wherein Rao is disappointed because his team is not up to the mark for a championship and Bahrucha gives him an address asking him to visit her later in the day. There he sees a bunch of kids who are differently abled and are just content to be learning something.

Bahurcha explains that anyone can take a child from 90 to 100 but it takes a brilliant teacher to take some child to 40 to 10. Now quintessentially it is talking about all the efforts from the teacher’s side but what would make those efforts reap their benefits? The endeavour from the child’s side because taali dono haatho se bajti hai.

Grit, resilience, perseverance, and all the synonyms that exist will define how much and how far you’ll go. It is ok if you are not the smartest person in the room but you must be the grittiest. Because if you are, the time you spent improving on yourself, the lessons that you learned when you faced failures, the magical power that you have acquired of turning anxiety or feelings of precariousness into motivation is much more valuable than even the rarest talents that man has ever known.

All things in life are temporary except the person you become at the end. At the end of the day what matters is the person you become by experiencing those failures and getting back up again. Always remember, efforts speak louder than achievements. 


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