Growing with SCMS NOIDA

Symbiosis International University whose name says it all, established Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies in Noida a decade ago for students who want to pursue Bachelors of Business Administration and explore management life at a prime location in the Delhi NCR region. Since then, SCMS NOIDA has been witnessing a regular and consistent growth, giving rise to a world full of possibilities and making a path towards a galaxy of opportunities for its students and believers.

While doing BBA at SCMS NOIDA one not only learns management but grows within and beyond the boundaries of professionalism and self-development. From beginning in 2010, SCMS NOIDA has not only grown in size but also in the horizon of development as well. And this growth goes hand in hand for students and college together as they try, try again and work upon it until achieved. 

Now the question is how does SCMS NOIDA help us in our growth? Yes, in terms of academics they provide best in class academic values to students. But, is only academics enough for someone’s growth? No, definitely not!

And keeping this in mind the semesters are designed in such a way that students are exposed to real-life management problems by not only through experiential learning but also by organizing events in college, handling fully-students driven clubs, cells and societies, and, getting industry experience by joining different internships and programmes as a part of the curriculum.

What makes them grow is their hard work and pitch-perfect strategy, which starts from dealing with corporate giants to organize workshops with industry experts or even sponsorship for various college events, under the guidance of very capable faculty, the students get a look into the real corporate world. They give it their all and only work towards one thing, “making it happen” through learning by experience.

Also, SCMS NOIDA never lags behind in making sure that students are always motivated and encouraged to come up with their own ideas and initiatives and come forward with their delegations and presentation so that they can develop as an individual and also as an intellectual.

It will not at all be wrong to say that, it’s the mutual efforts of management and students at SCMS NOIDA which has made this 10-year-old institute a success. May it be Best Internships, up to date Curriculum, Events (Cultural as well as academic), Expert Talks or Industry Experts coming in to share experiences with learners at SCMS NOIDA.

And at last, the idea of Vasudeva Kutumbakam i.e. The World is One Family, being the core principle of Symbiosis makes students part of this beautiful family and the family always ensures that all the members grow and get enlightened in the light of prosperity and knowledge.


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