Handling discomfort in coming out of comfort zone

Comfort zone is basically the type of environment that we’re used to living in, where we grow without any hesitation. It is also defined as the type of lifestyle we lead, the peer group we stay with and also our family background.

A shy or introverted person would probably be too terrified to walk into a crowded room full of unknown people, they would never even try to give it a shot, whereas an extrovert or social person would love to share a lot of things with people and is very confident even in a large group.

College is a great way to step out of our comfort zone. There are a lot of opportunities to choose from and get the fear out of our heads.

Moreover, unlike schools, the best colleges have students from different states and countries which does make it vast but at the same time, students can get to know different languages, different cultures and the lifestyles of their peers.

One of the best ways to learn something new is from the same age group, where the students have the same level of understanding and patience.

It becomes really fascinating sometimes even for the shy students to come out of their comfort zones and make friends with other students.

The faculties are also inclined towards the holistic growth of their students instead of just academics. They give the students on-field projects and enhance their skills to their very best which helps them to step out of their comfort zone. College gives us a teaser of the professional world waiting for us ahead.

College life prepares us to be more adaptive towards the vast society and understand their needs, also putting forward ours.

The students who make use of this opportunity and come out of their comfort zones during this time are already a step ahead of the others when they step into the corporate or business sector.


  1. Armaanjit says:

    Good content !!!!

  2. Abhilasha Tiwari says:

    “College gives us a teaser of the professional world waiting for us ahead.” Sums up college life. loved it!

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