By – Shashwat Rawal

Welcome to the future. Marketing is about to get weird. Marketing as a field is used to an
ever-increasing rate of change, but the next step into artificial intelligence will be different. It
is no surprise that computational systems will manage more of our tasks in the future. But, as
we delve deeper into the realm of AI and data analytics, we are entering a period where
algorithms not only decipher patterns but also predict consumer behaviour with unfathomable
accuracy. This fusion of data and AI promises to revolutionize how brands understand,
engage, and ultimately shape their target market.

How AI and Data Analytics Will Reshape Marketing?

Just like the human autonomic nervous system controls everything you don’t have to think
about: your heart, your breathing, your digestion; Marketing too is on the verge of the need
for autonomic responses just to stay afloat. Personalisation, recommendations, dynamic
content selection, and dynamic display styles are all going to be the cost of entry in the
competitive world of marketing.

Here are some of the ways AI and Data Analytics can help marketers achieve their ambitious

  1. Personalising consumer journey – Equipped with the advanced tools of AI and
    relying on vast consumer data such as online research activities, brand affinities,
    historical price range, social profile, etc. can help brands personalise the shopping
    experience and increase consumer engagement, sales, and satisfaction.
  2. Shopping Assistance – Allow your customers to treat your mobile apps like a sales clerk. Brands can create intelligent engagement platforms that can capture customer intentions, sentiments, questions, questions, and needs to drive sales using AI and data analytics.
  3. Competitive Analysis – Track your competitor’s marketing campaigns, identify market opportunities and threats, and align your strategy with investment and innovation trends to set your brand towards sustainable future growth.
  4. Real-time optimization – Adjust your marketing campaigns based on customer responses in real-time with the power of AI and data analytics.

What are the Implications for Marketers?

In September 2015, BBC ran its “Will a Robot Take Your Job?” feature. Choose your job title
and voilà! If you are a marketing and sales director, you’re pretty safe. Therefore, now the
focus should be on equipping yourself with the right skill set and utilising AI and data
analytics techniques to make yourself a better marketer.

How are we Nurturing Future Leaders?

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida is committed to preparing industry-ready
graduates through its unique pedagogy. Being one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR, the
institute offers a varied range of specializations such as Business Analytics, Marketing, etc.
allowing students to develop and succeed in the ever-changing world of marketing.

Keeping this vision in mind the Marketing Club of SCMS, Noida is hosting the Global
Marketing Innovation Summit 2023 which will be a remarkable opportunity for students to
network and foster collaborations for an invaluable experience of learning and growth.

To conclude, AI and Data Analytics will continue to transform the world of marketing.
Businesses that harness the power of these technologies will be well-positioned to succeed in
achieving their marketing objectives. The future of marketing is being and SCMS Noida is
ready to prepare its students to be a part of it.

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