Well-being is more than just the absence of any physical or mental illness. It is a crossroads between emotional, psychological, and physical wellness. We are currently living in tumultuous times, exacerbated by the COVID-19 epidemic, and today the subject of holistic wellbeing is not only important but critical.

Our country and its citizens are going through a tough phase where most individuals have recently faced troublesome circumstances regarding their physical or mental wellbeing. The Government of India is effectively supporting the healthcare response to the COVID-19 pandemic in India, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. One of the most pressing concerns raised by COVID-19’s various components is its impact on mental and physical health. When we are in the midst of a crisis like this, it is difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our routines live, and mental health is disrupted by the uncertainties and worry about finances, daycare, elderly parents, and job security. Uncertainty about the future, continual news coverage, and a constant barrage of social media-driven messages can all heighten our anxiety and stress.

Many people have had major health issues in the last two years. In addition to the disease’s clinical impacts, COVID-19 led to increased feelings of helplessness, isolation, grief, anxiety, and depression, as well as a disconnection from family and friends, quarantine, and movement restrictions. The government to support the citizens has formed a Mental Health Task Force, established a helpline, established a continuum of care services for patients with psychiatric, neurological, and neurosurgical problems, and strengthened telemedicine facilities to provide teleconsultation to patients. Furthermore, the government has been collaborating with state authorities to guarantee that patients receive ongoing psychiatric care and drugs.

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to forget to prioritize oneself, especially if you have several obligations and other people to look after. Taking care of yourself will make you feel better, and the better you feel, the better you will be in all aspects of your life, including your job and relationships.  It’s critical for us to recognize that stress and troubles will always be present, no matter what stage of life we’re in, and that dealing with them might be challenging at times. However, we must always combat bad feelings and allow ourselves time to relax and be joyful, savouring the small moments of joy that we are able to find in our lives. No matter what stage of life we are in, it is critical to prioritize our own and our loved ones’ physical and emotional well-being.

During these turbulent times, it’s important to stand beside each other and help each other deal with their problems. We can get through this together if we band together, united by our strong sense of community. Our country has endured many difficult periods in the past, but our citizens have always remained united as one and tackled the difficulties head-on, triumphing. We at Symcharcha honour and celebrate our country and its history and cultural heritage with this year’s theme, ‘Aazadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.’ This is our way of paying tribute to our country and the citizens who have stuck by each other through thick and thin, giving everything they had to make our country what it is today. We, the people we care about, and those around us will become more resilient if we learn to manage stress in a healthy way. Taking care of ourselves will enable us to care for others more effectively.


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