Hostel Life at SCMS NOIDA

Best BBA College in Delhi NCR - SCMS NOIDA

Well, you will always remember your college life as to how many friends you have made and what things you did and how can we forget the sleepless nights you have spent in the hostel.

The hostel life at this campus is not like other colleges. You meet great people while you are having a random stroll after dinner or even going to the mess. The rooms are really spacious and are provided with basic necessities. However, there are two hostels which are named A and B. The A hostel is the air-conditioned one whereas B is the non-AC one. Thus, filling out the forms at the earliest is very important so as to select your preference. To all my first years out there, you are not given a choice to select your roommates at first but as you succeed, you are given a chance to stay with your friends or even your seniors.

“The hostel at SCMS NOIDA is really nice and as it is within the campus, it is highly secured. The food is good and is managed by a Gurgaon based – Compass Group. In my first year, I was given a room with my seniors and I thought it will be awkward for me. However, they made me feel very comfortable and helped me with any sort of problem as well. It was mandatory for all of us to come to the hostel by 7 in the evening and a check by the warden used to take place at 10 in the night. In a nutshell, my hostel life was really enjoyable during my first year


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