How Does SYMUNC’22 Foster Future Leaders

SYMUNC’22 has always managed to create a dent in the student community of the best B-schools, because of the sheer excellence it offers, it matches the international standards, and strives to go even beyond and become one of a kind.

The enhanced quality delivered at the event creates a mind sprawling experience and instils various leadership qualities in the delegates. Leaders are not born but made, believing that, SYMUNC’22 became a conference that takes care of the broad holistic development that a leader should imbibe and inflict in their leadership. A delegate would need to grace soft skills, like communication, public speaking, creativity, teamwork and critical thinking among many others. Character and personality development also need to be added to the aptitude list of a competent leader, as it is their very earth-shattering presence of them that makes others trust and follow them into a better future. They need to be the black sheep of the herd and think out of the box in order to make their ideas and opinions stand out and hence develop a maverick attitude. Knowing and reading about world affairs is one thing, but empathising and acting upon them is another, the latter of which a leader follows. They take that up as his/her moral responsibility, and act upon it like it’s their personal dilemma but never forget professionalism.

The world is currently extremely dynamic and decisions that can make it or break it are taking place on a regular basis, and a true leader is someone who realises that and rises up to the occasion making the world their oyster.

SCMS, Noida has believed for the world to be one family and taking their belief forward, this conference aims to keep a broad worldview and give complete freedom of speech to the delegates, and not succumb to them under the weight of the orthodox mindset of the world. We do not believe that leadership is a quality that a person is born with, it is the drive to create an impact and make your existence echo through generations internationally, such that their inspiring light emits beyond their graves.


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