How has college life been in a year?

My life in college over the span of one year in the COVID-19 quandary can be defined with just one word i.e. Symbiosis (Noida). As the name proposes, it refers to a mutually benefiting relationship between different individuals/ groups.

Now, the question is why Symbiosis? 

Well, the past year in college has been nothing less than an adventure, rather an enthralling escapade. Honestly, it wasn’t the experience I was expecting pre-admission because of the pandemic and being locked in our homes, which led us as students to study from the safety of our own homes.

So, not experiencing the offline vibe of college was certainly a disappointment, but moving forward, it helped me grow holistically as an individual and as a business leader in the past year. Regardless of the operation in online mode, the college bagged a plethora of opportunities to elevate the experience of the freshers. Literally, when I kick-started my journey, there were know-how events happening every alternate week to make us feel comfortable, and not to forget the sizzling college clubs, who floated their joining applications that excited me the most and made me fill each one of them and experience the facets my entrepreneurial/ business journey.  

The college provided me with numerous opportunities to demonstrate and practice my skills. There were competitions and webinars from various domains that enlightened me about the industry trends and prepared me better for the corporate world ahead. 

Moving on to the specific, the classes were quite interactive, synchronized chronologically, and inculcated critical thinking considering that they were in online mode with an end number of technological hurdles. Though I didn’t get that offline feel, I did enjoy it.

Other than all the aforementioned opportunities that the college has provided me with, the one opportunity that I am truly grateful for is the people I have met and the friends I have made. Even though it has been through online mode, I have made a great bond with them and for that, I’m immensely thankful.

Symbiosis has truly made the online college experience better and relatively fun with all the zoom calls and online birthday presentations which I could never dream of in the online mode. I hope to meet all of us soon.

And that’s how I would define my online college experience of the past year. Subtle isn’t it?


  1. Aaysha Agrawal says:

    Indeed Symbiosis is a place where we turn into family and grow together

  2. Manya Trivedi says:

    Vividly expressed !

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