How I reinvented myself in this Pandemic?

This year’s March will never be forgotten in history as that brought the whole world to a halt. This pandemic has caused us to believe in some things that we have always taken for granted and it has proclaimed that an unparalleled event can happen to anyone at any time. Due to this, we have to change our lifestyles from all things that we should not do; to things that have never been tried before. It has even cost us our habit of going out.

Though it is giving us a chance to reinvent ourselves, and many of us are not taking it lightly. It has also given us a chance to be ourselves and experiment with several things and generate our own experiences. Now the people who pulled out our various facets of personality cannot do the same anymore. Mobilizing is gone; therefore, people are adapting to the new normal. As people are beginning to experiment, specific sides need a little bit of improvement.

The first and foremost thing that you should do is make a simple plan. It could be anything. You can start by writing your areas of Strengths and Weaknesses as it will allow you to have a proper analysis of yourself. It will help you make a better picture of yourself. Another and the most important thing is to stay optimistic. A lot of people have to go through a lot of bad things. So instead of worrying about the future, think of the present and cherish the moments that you have. Also, don’t lose hope because of every dark tunnel, there is a light at the end.

In these times, I have tried to do so many things. It is also beneficial to stay busy because busy minds have no room for negativity. I have found myself writing poems and articles as well as sketching. It allows you to know about this big wide world that you were once unaware of. It enlarges your thinking capacity and improves your English. Also, when you start to learn or to know various things, it makes you confident and smart; which in this era is a huge plus.

Other than that, I am not much of a book reader but I like to watch movies and tv shows every now and then. Again, it has not only enhanced my speaking skills but, it has also strengthened my thinking ability and has, given me a decent amount of entertainment while doing so. Creativity reflects in when you don’t stick to one thing is something I believe in a lot.

Furthermore, I have tried my best to reinvent myself by learning new courses. Interestingly, there is an infinite number of things you can do in your free time. It all depends on your will and your wish to know more. I am lucky to be a part of a college that understands the importance of free-time and they provided us with an online course providing a platform and that too for free.

Also, I have taken part in many competitions ranging from sketching to writing articles. It has allowed me to know my strengths and present it appropriately.

Apart from all the learnings and spending time with myself, I have enjoyed the most with my family. Those laughter and pranks have bonded us even more. Spending time with family helps you gain more experience than any other method. Earlier, it was hard to spend more time with family, but because of the pandemic, most of us have realized that not everything stays permanent except family. 

To conclude, the need for reinventing ourselves will only upsurge as we will become the best of ourselves. Also, the finest way to reinvent is to spend time collecting a diverse set of skills. This pandemic is giving us a chance to do something, to make something of our selves. You know what they say, shoot for the moon and you’ll at least reach the stars.

Let’s embrace this situation in the best possible manner and make it as a way to learn more about ourselves through self-reflection and action.


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