How My Research On Colleges Took Me To Symbiosis

4 a.m. in the morning,

Dark circles and the 6th cup of coffee,

I had stopped caring about sleep. Assignments and Project Works mattered the most. I had big dreams. Belonging to a family that has avidly been involved in business, I wanted to score great in 12th standard and get into one of the top B schools of my country for graduation. My efforts did not go in vain and I secured decent marks. Now the big question that came into picture was which college is the best for me?

There are innumerable institutions in India. Some promise the best faculty while some boast about campus placements. Each one of them had their own ink writing millions of success stories but, I wanted my story to be inked by which one of them?

It was one big decision!

I swear I looked for colleges like a sailor who is eager to reach his destination looks for the North Star! After extensive research, I finally discerned that no other college could serve the purpose better than SCMS NOIDA. The most trusted websites like College Duniya, Careers360 and Shiksha have rated the college quite fairly. It has an impeccable brand name and a high-powered reputation. The academia and placement of this college are eminent and renowned. The Alumni of SCMS NOIDA are proficient leaders.

SCMS NOIDA was established in the year 2010 and within a span of 10 years; the college has burgeoned to a great extent, making its way to the list of the Top BBA colleges in India.

The process of PI-WAT (Personal Interview- Writing Ability Test) gave me a vantage point as I could feel that my inclinations aligned really well with that of the institution. I was thrilled to see the exuberance, confidence and professionalism manifested by the students. The faculties who took my interview were very learned and extremely amiable. I was sure that this college provided the best learning environment as compared to the other colleges in India.

SCMS NOIDA outshines all the other institutions offering the same degree and is considered one of the top BBA colleges in Delhi NCR. With an environment as professional as a corporate, the best thing about this college is the ever-evolving programme structure which is adaptive to the constantly changing industry trends.

It offers courses that are not taught in various institutions. International Business is one of them and provides an in-depth specialization of various courses. The college has a host of exceptionally brilliant and passion-driven professors who make the learning process vim and vital. It hosts a number of events that are managed solely by the students. This gives them a great opportunity to learn the practical application of theoretical concepts. Guest lectures and Value Added Courses are just other instances of how Symbiosis proves its mettle.

The college provides excellent semester exchange and summers school programs which give a boost to the CV. With a plethora of societies, it helps in the wholesome development of the student’s personality.

The incomparable brand name carried by the institution is backed by academic excellence and top-notch career prospects.

I stood in front of my college and whispered to myself ‘I hope I made the right choice’.
A significant amount of time has passed and today, I whisper to myself again and again ‘I am glad I made this choice.’


  1. Nicely written!!

  2. Fizza Fatima says:

    So great!!! And those words beautifully put!!

  3. Nicely written. Very informative indeed!!

  4. Prachi chodha says:

    This is so relatable
    Kudos to you fatima this is amazing ❤👏

  5. Fizza Fatima says:

    So great!!!
    And those words beautifully put.

  6. Falak Faiyaz says:

    This is extremely well written . Keep it up.

  7. Fariha Fatima says:

    Nicely written.
    Really helpful 😊

  8. Asfia Alam says:

    Well articulated. This is so helpful. 😊👏👏
    I am going to share it.!!

  9. Tanvee Pareek says:

    Beautifully written and very true indeed! Proud proud! ❤️

  10. Nimisha Jaiswal says:

    So well put. Very helpful!

  11. Riya says:

    Beautifully presented. This portrays the true picture of SCMS NOIDA. Kudos to you Fatima! 💜💯

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    So nicely written! Can relate with your words💞

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    Very well written.
    Good job Fatima 👍

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    You have written it so amazingly 😍 great content

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    Lovely write-up!!!

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