HR Conclave 2022

It has been almost a year and the world is still reeling from the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, and SCMS Noida is bouncing back strong with its first ever conclave- offline! The Human Resources Department, along with the Quality Improvement Cell of SCMS Noida are proud to present the HR Conclave on the topic- HR Metamorphosis-New game, new rules !

The dictionary defines Metamorphosis as the change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one. It is used while referring to something getting bigger or better. The topic for our conclave describes the expeditious trends that can sometimes transform overnight due to a rise in demand. HR metamorphosis is caused by rapid change, business expansion, or a change in the nature of the business itself. HR should be strongly aligned with business goals and be tasked with the retention and development of people’s skills and competencies. The first step is to broaden the definition of HR beyond talent acquisition. The next step is always to anticipate problems and create a case study for change. It is necessary to create a detailed project plan with timelines to increase the efficiency of the process. In the process, most growing organizations decide to streamline not only HR but also the overall organizational structure. HR transformation or metamorphosis tools should be aligned with and relevant to the industry, company culture, and current best practices.

Some of these practices, which have introduced and adapted by working professional across the globe include moonlighting with a close personal relation to gig economy. Young adults today are tolerant of risk, change, and uncertainty. They also want to feel some sense of ownership over their work. It is obvious that the gig economy is here to stay and is expanding at an exponential rate when combined with the fact that these people have grown up in a world shaped by technology and the internet. Without a large workforce of employees, organisations are pushed to become more agile. To fill in their employee gaps, managers will need to reach into talent pools, and gig workers will complete such projects under short-term contracts. The job market will be unstable and unpredictable. For this reason, the future of work is believed to lie in project-based and freelance models.

Coming to moonlighting, the term refers to working a second job in addition to one’s regular job that is unrelated to one’s primary job. Although many people moonlight to supplement their income, others do it to improve their skills in various fields, and still others do it to avoid boredom. Employee dissatisfaction with current wages and salary structure may lead to moonlighting in the organization. Employees believe that their employer exploits them and that increased profits are made at their expense. Employees who moonlight almost always have an impact on all aspects of human resource management. The personnel manager faces a challenge because moonlighting can have a significant negative impact on productivity.

So, mark your calendars, as these industry relevant topics and much more will be discussed by our panel of esteemed speakers who have corporate market experience, on the 25th of November 2022 from 10AM at the Auditorium of SCMS Noida. See you all there!

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