HR Metamorphosis-New Game New Rules

As quoted by John Keats “Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced”

One may read as many textbooks as possible but we cannot even commence to compare them
with the lessons that experience teaches us. Well, that is exactly what an HR Conclave does,
it brings together top experts in the field of HR and gives the audience a chance to learn from
their experience and knowledge as they share their insights on the theme

The most valuable assets of a corporation are generally thought of as its human resources.
The Human Resources department plays an important role in managing, learning and
developing personnel in an organisation. In the end, you may wager on people rather than
tactics. Every organisation needs competent HR workers who have a thorough awareness of
what they are supposed to do and how they are going to do it.

The Human Resource Club of SCMS NOIDA is proud to present the upcoming HR Conclave
to provide this experience along with a deep understanding of the various principles of HR to
students from all three batches.

The conclave will be hosted on the topic of “HR Metamorphosis-New game, new rules”
Rapid changes, business expansion, or a shift in the nature of business itself can all lead to
HR metamorphosis. As a result, HR should be responsible for employee retention as well as
the growth of their skills and should be closely integrated with company goals.
Our speakers for the conclave will share their views on how human resource leaders need to
adopt a more strategic role in any organisation in this emerging corporate world, as they are
the ones who remain responsible for adding value in aligning human capital efforts with the
strategic long-term goals of a business.

The conclave intends to create a forum for networking between top professionals in these
subjects and eager students who want to explore the industry. It will lead to an exploration of
how organisations and enterprises may use the experience as the cornerstone of their business
strategy to reimagine employee experience for recovery, growth, and success in our new
corporate world.

In conclusion, this event serves as a tremendous chance for students of SCMS NOIDA who
surely have a keen interest in the HR world, as renowned business leaders who have years of
practical experience in this industry will serve as the panellists for this Conclave. We can
assure you that this conclave will be an educational and enlightening opportunity for each and
every participant.

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