Ice-Breaking Among Teammates

Ice-breaking is an important aspect of team building and strengthening. Not only does it help in getting along with others, but it also improves our networking skills and communication. These activities allow people from all backgrounds to come together, find similar interests, and think out of the box. When the participants are strangers, an icebreaker is a convenient and easy way to give presentations, help people communicate, share thoughts, and generally warm the room. An effective icebreaker helps start conversations, training, meetings, emphasizes the topic of the session, and ensures that participants enjoy their interactions and activities. It aims at taking away the shyness and initial hesitation of those attending a meeting or gathering to get into sharing their thoughts, interacting with others, and work together as a team. 

An unfamiliar environment presents a great barrier to exploring your hidden potential. This is where a successful icebreaker can create a warm and friendly space to explore the students’ latent talents. If the new students do not feel free and friendly with one another, they are unlikely to start a conversation, let alone take part in the interaction. Such activities prove to be beneficial in making people comfortable and interact with everyone. Better collaboration and coordination between people are some of the greatest essential benefits of well-organized icebreaking activities. Among students, these activities will boost confidence and help them make friends with people from different walks of life. People manage to identify with one another, gain a better understanding of others and break down walls of wariness by encouraging them to focus on what they have in common rather than their differences through fun and engaging events. Team building activities and ice breakers are meant to facilitate an inclusive environment. These events are an effective way to foster collaboration and trust, increase motivation, build strengths, and address problems among peers. 

Hence the Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA has planned a one-day event for 1st-year students wherein they will participate in icebreaking and team-building activities. The main objective of conducting this event is to improve interpersonal communication skills and encouraging them to step out of their comfort zones. Students will feel more confident after attending this event where they will interact, open up, and connect with their classmates. It’s the best way of getting to know your fellow batch mates and enjoy your college life. So come join us for an exciting event on 7th October 2021!

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