Emotional and mental health is an important aspect to consider while assessing a person’s overall health. Without a good balance in life, it is easy for a person to fall prey to stress and eventually develop sickness.  A lot of initiatives have been taken by several organizations from all over the world to improve mental as well as emotional condition of people living around the globe. We, at SCMS NOIDA, also focus on emotional well being, which will not only enhance productivity but effectiveness as well.

As per WHO, health comprises all the factors that include social, physical, as well as mental. All these factors in their positive states can make a person completely healthy and improve his or overall well-being.

There have been some debates about mental wellbeing different from social as well as physical wellbeing as mental health is something that you can’t see or feel at one go. Whereas your social and physical health is much more visible and if you find any problem, you can search for possible solutions, however no one should undermine the importance of being both mentally as well as emotionally healthy and fit.

Emotional wellbeing in the simplest terms, refers to a psychological condition of being happy and positive. If one is feeling particularly unhappy and depressed, it is okay to ask for help once in a while.

Unfortunately, the focus on emotional as well as mental wellbeing is strong especially in developed nations while developing nations like India is yet to develop an appreciation for mental as well as emotional health among its population. So, like we the students of SCMS NOIDA, if everyone come forward and support the initiative, we can transform the world.


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