International Opportunities at Symbiosis NOIDA

If I ask you “Do you want to spend a semester away from college?”, most of you would say yes, but on the other hand if I ask you “Do you want to spend a semester abroad or maybe go for a summer exchange?”, all of you would definitely say a “Yes”.

I was given an opportunity to answer to the second question and as anyone else would have done, I answered with a “Yes”. 

During my second semester at Symbiosis NOIDA, I was occupied looking out for various internships and then all of a sudden a mail from the administrative office popped up in my mail box regarding various summer exchange opportunities being offered by Berlin School of Economics and Law (where I finally ended up going), UBC Vancouver, Singapore Management University, IESEG France and many more. I was quite overwhelmed with the different schools I could go for, to spend an entire summer in a new country, getting the opportunity to learn a new language, meeting new people and off course gaining new experiences and skills.

At first, I was a bit perplexed about the country I should go to, the school which I should chose and the courses I should take up, as I was travelling abroad for the very first time in my life. I discussed and brainstormed on the following points with my professors and the staff. They explained to me as to why Berlin School of Economics and Law would be a good option because of the multitude of courses being offered. The guidance and support by my professors at SCMS NOIDA was really helpful and valuable for me in selecting the right courses and the right school.

I went to Berlin School of Economics and Law for a three weeks course on “Markets and Management in Europe”. In the course there were students and management enthusiasts from around 20 countries with whom I got an opportunity to interact and gain knowledge. The course included various field trips including the one to the BMW plant in Leipzig which provided me a practical insight into the functioning of the automotive industry.  

Internationalization as of today, is very important for each one of you out there, as it provides you the necessary skills and experiences which can help you grow and nurture into a successful manager in an ever-changing global world. SCMS NOIDA provides a plethora of opportunities to study abroad and provides an opportunity to experience an exquisite, enthralling and enriching experience.

SCMS NOIDA gives you not only wings but the flight too.

Happy take-off!


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