“Freedom means the right of people to organise and debate openly. It is hammered out on the anvil of discussion dissent and debate.”

The aim of debating is to express oneself succinctly and clearly to others around you, using convincing arguments. It also seeks to bring out holes in your ideas and contradictions so that you may eventually construct a more well-rounded narrative that is compelling to listeners. Debating may enhance a student’s critical thinking abilities and allow them to investigate the issue they’ve been assigned. Instead of passively taking information, individuals are forced to strengthen their intellect, rejecting notions and theories that do not make sense and adopting those that do.

SYMVAAD, The Literary Club’s debating vertical, fosters the debater and orator in you and assists individuals who want to master the art of debating and improve their skills through progressive sessions held throughout the year. Symvaad is proud to announce the 8th edition of the Inter-Collegiate Conventional Debating Competition SYMCHARCHA’2022. It has been a significant fragment of SCMS NOIDA carried by our super seniors, seniors, and now us for the past seven years. SYMCHARCHA is designed to appeal to young minds with a compelling voice and an ever-increasing desire for knowledge through debate and deliberation. The event is expected to give many speakers in and around the Delhi NCR debating circuit the appropriate amount of exposure and stage time. This year’s debate will be held in the Conventional debating format. It’s the ideal place for folks who have strong insights and enjoy arguing. It is always beneficial for young minds to communicate their viewpoints and thoughts through the medium of words.

Debating also enables young people to evaluate their opinions and defend why they think a certain way. Students improve their poise, speech delivery, and public speaking abilities, increased retention of newly learnt knowledge, improved listening and note-taking skills, as well as greater self-confidence, greater teamwork and collaboration—more self-confidence to speak up for the truth when a conversation promotes lies or errors.

Learning better methods to communicate one’s argument gracefully and gently. The freedom to disagree and dissent is part of one’s greater freedom of expression, which is regarded as essential to the operation of a democracy. We at Symcharcha believe in enabling young folks to express their ideas and opinions by providing them with a commendable platform. This year’s theme is “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav,” a government of India initiative to commemorate and celebrate progressive India’s 75th year of independence, as well as the wonderful history of its people, culture, and achievements. It is commemorated based on five pillars: the 75-year struggle for freedom, 75-year concepts, 75-year successes, 75-year activities, and 75-year resolutions. The Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav’s posts are intended to educate the younger generation about the country’s history and struggle for independence. It’s a monument to the independence fighters and the liberation movement in our country.


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    Wowwww, such beautiful words.

  2. Rishika Vashisht says:

    Well articulated and love the way the theme has been introduced in the blog.

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