Keep Going, Keep Growing

“If you can meet success and failure and treat them both as imposters, then you are a balanced man…”

– Rudyard Kipling

Actors get rejected as leads, athletes get cut from teams, and businesses get turned down for deals. Have you ever failed? You have. It is certain. It is inevitable. In this high-achieving world, failure is frequently perceived as a terrible encounter and is frowned upon. The most common understanding of failure is setting a goal and not accomplishing it. We see it as an obstinate barrier that tells us that we are not capable of conquering our flaws and weaknesses rather than considering it an opportunity to grow and learn. Success and failure are two sides of the same coin and truthfully, neither of them matters if we prepare ourselves to win and learn to lose gracefully. 

We are all aware that failing in the past does not mean we are doomed in the present. But when you are facing difficulty in moving past failure, is rising above it, and seeking the path to success easy? Certainly not. It is always easier said than done but making the fear of failure your driving force is the best way to conquer it. Developing irrational beliefs about failure and believing that if you have failed once, you can never succeed is what is stopping you from flourishing. Detaining these inaccurate beliefs will help you comprehend that failure is not the end of the road and the fear born from failure is just like the exhilaration born from success or any other emotion. The key is to know that failure is just an indicator of our performance and implies that we need to put in more effort to achieve the results that we desire. 

Sometimes, failure can become debilitating. But the best way to cope with it is to take responsibility instead of blaming the circumstances or someone else for it. To apprehend that your failures will not define you, look back at all the times you failed. It is improbable that any of that features is one of the defining moments of your life, especially if you eventually succeeded in achieving that goal. This only connotes that we all fail, multiple times, but that should not stop us from blocking negative thoughts and affirming that we can pick ourselves back up. With just a pinch of persistence and focus, we can turn a potentially inexorable failure into a massive win, only because how we deal with failure determines how we achieve success. 

Therefore, it is irrefutable that dealing with failure is effortless if we use the lessons learned from previous crashes to our advantage to move closer to our ambitions. The key to reducing the discomfort caused by failure is to not dwell on your problems or rehash your mistakes. You simply need to identify the reasons why you failed and acknowledge what can be done differently. So, next time you fail at something, look for an explanation, not an excuse. With the intent of educating BBA students on how failure can be dealt with, the Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA has organized a webinar with Mr Rahul Basak, Co-Founder and CEO of Amar Canvas, as the guest speaker on 21st February 2022 to suffuse that failure is an opportunity to start again, this time more wisely.


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