What is Success? This might be the question disturbing every young mind out there who are presently in this relentless competitive world which they are going to confront. We at the Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA always believe the answer to the question is – There is no particular definition for success but the answer to everyone out there is that you can become a definition of success or is a definition of success. We have our conscience tell that each young mind out there has unique traits in them and accordingly they can identify their specialization through discussing with variegated mentors who would guide them to make the RIGHT CHOICES.

“The key to success isn’t much good until one discovers the right lock to put in it.” Moving forward with this, I advocate you all notice few personalities who made it to the RIGHT LOCKS and unlocked their Success Journey!

Radhika Gupta

MD&CEO, Edelweiss AMC

“Radhika Gupta, whose neck has a permanent tilt, has set up India’s first domestic hedge fund & become country’s only female head of a major asset manager.”

 Mrs. Radhika Gupta graduated from The Wharton School in BSc. Economics with a major concentration in Finance and Management. In addition to that, she has also completed a diploma program in Management and Technology from University in Pennsylvania.

Ever since females came into the tertiary sector, they face adversities at some point in time. One such story is of Mrs. Radhika Gupta. She came into the creation with a birth impediment of a broken neck which later became to impact her self-esteem. Nevertheless, she did not stop working hard and her willpower was strong enough to oppose further challenges ahead of her. Regardless of passing with top honors during her graduation, when it came to campus enrolment, she was repetitively vetoed by many companies.

Combating all the difficulties in her life, the defining moment came when she interviewed with McKinsey & Co. and finally cracked the job which she finally specializes in. After quite a few years at the consulting company, Mrs. Gupta finally joins the fields she specializes in both Finance and Management and joined AQR Capital Management which was an investment firm. Acknowledging the fact that, the Recession crisis was unveiling, she moved forward to start on her own. With a total amount of 25 lakh and with her two partners, she established Forefront Capital Management in India. Furthermore, she targeted alternative investments which was a new-fangled occurrence in India. Having the first-mover advantage in this field, she wanted to diversify her business. After processed thinking, they sold their organization to Edelweiss Financial Services where Mrs. Gupta took over the post of CEO in the company. Ever since she became the CEO, she tirelessly put her efforts continuously and took up the company to its highest target and it is giving the toughest competition to all other firms in its industry. Mrs. Gupta’s target for 2025 is to upsurge her company’s assets under management to $41 billion.

Hitherto, you all have seen how she managed to build a company of hers by what she specializes in both Finance and Management. This is the reason she is doing so well in her firm and taking it to another benchmark. This is the journey of Mrs. Gupta which will be continuing till she is not reached her goal. This showcases the sheer will and dedication in achieving what we want to get!

Let’s now talk about another imminent personality who followed his Specialization and reached great heights with perseverance and commitment. He is Mr. Deep Thomas.

Deep Thomas

Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Aditya Birla Group

“Mr. Deep Thomas is a Computer Science graduate with an MS in Information Systems and an MBA in Marketing from Arizona State” and holds copious patents in Decision Science and Information Management. This is his SUCCESS JOURNEY and it is still being continued. He is a prominent analytics developer, thoughtful leader, and committed data science expert with a recognized track record of accomplishing sustainable and growing cost-effectiveness through market renovation, advanced analytics, and multi-disciplinary talent. “As the Chief Data and Analytics Officer for Aditya Birla Group,” Mr. Deep is responsible for directing association-wide activities and alter programs that influence information and empowering business openings, development, and efficiencies across the endeavor. Preceding this, “Mr. Deep was the organizer CEO of Tata Insights and Quants, Tata Group’s Big Data and Data Science organization.” He has furthermore stood firm on different key footholds within the US and India with “MNCs like Citigroup, HSBC, and American Express to manage their worldwide plan and data-driven business change.” Mr. Deep presence is untaken for the 3rd time on the highest ten influential analytics leaders from India. He’s extensively known and his ideas, views on analytics are distinctive. You may also see or listened to him at diverse IT related conferences.

To summarise, Mr. Deep Thomas has a profound experience in the field of Analytics where he lived in the present and try to achieve things that others cannot and it solely rests with him being determined and hard working. He always worked in the field he only specialized that is in Computer and Information systems where Analytics is a sub-field in it. Moreover, he achieved this great height is because he constantly worked in his field of specialization and now is one of the renowned analytics pioneers and he always surprises everyone by setting his target high so that he accomplishes it and progresses to the next one. He believes in the approach that is required to deliver the business value of data and ensure that its strategic importance is properly maintained and managed throughout the organization.”

We recommend you to believe in yourself and identify strengths within yourself so that you could lead a Joyful life with your choices in it. Many leave their path behind of pursuing what they want due to the fear of society, sometimes pressure from parents and other elders, which leads youngsters taking a wrong path with no satisfaction in it. This is also because people compare themselves with others. Comparing with others in the long term, you tend to forget yourself and in the end, there is no happiness and no satisfaction.

Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA believes in showing the right path to its students that can change their destiny. Keeping this in mind Mentoring Cell of SCMS NOIDA is organizing a five-day online event from 19th-23rd April 2021 called Carve a Niche: Plan your Specialization for the first-year students of batch 2020-23. This event will familiarize as well as introduce the students to the different specializations available to them. To make the decision easier of choosing the right specialization and to guide the students through it, industry experts will be invited from various fields.


  1. Hype Up with HR
  2. Bring it on with Business Analytics
  3. Indulge with International Business
  4. Make Up with Marketing
  5. Flip it up with Finance

Be Prepared to make a new leaf turn in your life by opting for the RIGHT SPECIALISATION!

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