Knowing a tad bit more about BIZCRUX – The business plan contest!

“Sprinkle a little bit of passion on a good idea, and then spread some crunchy business plan, and you have got a gold mine.” ― Pooja Agnihotri

A Business Plan navigates the storm, sprinkles a bit of passion on a good idea, and lets you move on in the roadmap of your business step-by-step. It serves as the blueprint for a business venture and helps identify the company’s mission, vision, goals, strategy, competition, and financial viability. BIZCRUX i.e., the Business Plan Competition of Symbiosis Center for Management Studies, NOIDA will be a platform for BBA and other management students moderated by the International Business Club along with other academic clubs i.e., Marketing Club, Analytics Club, HR Club and Finance Club that will serve as a roadmap to stimulate entrepreneurship among the participants in their very own fest BIZCON. The viability behind BIZCRUX lies on the core concept that the investors solely rely on a robust business plan to evaluate the feasibility of a business before capitalizing it. Why not be a part of a business management fest – BIZCON for the upcoming business leaders organized by a top business school in NCR.

This contest will without a second thought be one of the easiest ways to communicate the vision to potential new hires and help build the confidence in the future ventures and if one possesses multiple ideas, a rough business plan for each will help focus one’s time and energy on the ones with the highest chance of success. The BBA students team working behind the contest aims to set a live virtual stage that will help students lay out a business plan in a unique way and identify the ‘unknowns’ as well as spot the gaps where one needs help or, at the very least, to skill up to tackle the bumpy roads along the way for a fruitful end destination.

The participating teams in BIZCRUX will be evoked to conceive a new service or product offering, and then create a business plan aimed at convincing the potential investors to finance the business venture. The competition would give collegiate entrepreneurs a real-world corporate experience to fine-tune their business plan and elevate pitches to generate funding to successfully commercialize their product or service.

BIZCRUX will be a perfect crusade to experience and show the mettle required to battle off the coveted entrepreneurs and curated clashes with wits wherein the entrepreneur within will furiously compete. The tail end of BIZCRUX teaches how to research diverse business models, write contingency plans, discover strategic marketing plans, perform profound market research, detect profusion of distribution channels, predict the five-year net incomes, and configure partnerships. So, what is the wait for? Clear your schedule as one’s collaborated effort of transforming a potentially good idea into a Business Plan might win some astonishing amount of money that may extend up to ₹8,500.

“In the end, every startup is different. But in the beginning every startup is the same.” ― Richie Norton

BIZCRUX will be a gritty challenge to the business world and will ignite insights of business and business-related areas which will serve as a chance to realize one’s own potential, test their acumen and compete with the best minds of the country.


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    Seems interesting… Can we also participate???

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