Make the podium your throne

SYMVAAD the debating vertical of the Literary club of SCMS NOIDA nurtures the debater and orator in you and for those who are keen to learn the art of debating. SYMVAAD helps them enhance their skills by the progressive sessions taken by SYMVAAD throughout the year. It also promotes teamwork and team spirit among the members of the club and provides an environment where they can learn and grow by developing a strong voice of their own.

SYMVAAD is proud to announce the 7th edition of the Intra Collegiate Conventional Debating Competition SYMCHARCHA ’21 organized by Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies NOIDA . It as been a fragment of SCMS NOIDA for the past 6 years now carried forward by our super seniors, seniors and now we must carry forward the baton that is, SYMVAAD. Each year, this enthralling event caters to the young minds of Delhi NCR interested in learning and improving their knowledge through debate and deliberation. SYMCHARCHA is the best platform for people with deep insights and a knack for debating. It provides the right kind of exposure to many speakers in and around the Delhi NCR, who are not afraid to present their opinions loud and clear in the open. It encourages young debaters to combat primary challenges and debate on issues that truly matter.  It is a showdown of conflicting ideas, informed arguments and effective speeches. This year the SYMCHARCHA team is working it’s reigns under the president of SYMVAAD, Shivam Gupta who has always been very hardworking and extraordinally focused and is a very important part of the MUN culture of the college. The event coordinator Yoshita Pathania who holds more than 2 years of experience in the Core Team of the Literary club. She is a charismatic personality who always stands out in all the work she does and the way she interacts clearly shows her hold over the language. Literary club head Rupashi Sehgal is an enthusiastic personality who never fails to amaze people with her work. She is an inspiration to many juniors. Archit Malhotra, the deputy Head of the Literary club, who is no less than a force of determination and passion for debating and oration, is one with a very practical and strategic mind set. He has been an invaluable part of the SYMCHARCHA team since he joined the college. With this year’s edition, SYMCHARCHA aims to set roots in young minds about many societal issues and agendas.


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    looking forward to the same!!

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