We often talk about our physical wellbeing and how important it is in our lives. How we give our entire focus on the physical state of our body that we forget to address the mental health and wellbeing which is of equal importance. Speaking a bitter truth, we choose to ignore it, suppress it not because we think it is not important but because we don’t have the guts to speak that out loud and reflect what we feel. This has now created a situation where we neither speak out what we feel or neither try to understand how others feel, as mental health has evolved as a stigma in the community, we live in. 

To everyone’s amusement, the statistics show that, one in four people in the globe is affected by mental disorders at some instant in their lives. And still being well aware about these statistics, why do we find so difficult and humiliating to talk about mental and emotional issues with people? Why it is that physical health is so focused on and cared of, but the mental health is taken as a societal stigma and people don’t want to talk about that? Mental health issues can adversely affect our lives, from our day-to-day basic activities, to our learning, to our work and to our social life, it can have a very adverse effect on these all. And the stigma attached to mental health slows down the process of people to reach out for help they need. As a result, people often struggle in silence, which only compounds their pain and suffering. And this vicious cycle of people not opening up and feeling uncomfortable to reflect what they feel has made these issues even harder to address.

So, it is of prime and of utmost importance that we understand the importance of emotional and mental health and how complications in these can adversely affect our lives. How adversely it can affect our productivity, happiness and the way we behave with people. Let’s start talking about these issues openly so that the stigma circulating around regarding mental health descends down, and eventually these things can be discussed as openly as the physical health. Glancing at this stigma and un-comfortability of people to talk mental health, SCMS Noida and Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing is organizing an event HAPPY HOUR: BETTER EMOTIONAL AND MENTAL HEALTH on 31st March which will be talking about the significance of mental and emotional wellbeing in our lives. The event would be a reflection of the necessity to talk about mental health in today’s scenario and how important is to lend a helping hand and an understanding ear to someone who needs it. Let’s listen to people who we admire, to people who need us, to people who want to get heard and to people who want to feel that they are not alone in this. Let us put ourselves in their shoes, feel what they are feeling and reflect the righteous advice and our empathy. Let’s show acceptance to mental health issues and treat it as of prime importance as we treat the physical health issues.


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    Insightful blog

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    Mental health is as important as physical health and we need to start paying attention to it..
    Thanks for posting such an insightful article

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    Master piece 🔥🔥

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    Sagacious! The concern for the mental health is going to become indispensable in the modern age.

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