Mental Health among Young Adults

The other day, I was reading an article, as I usually do, when I stumbled upon a frightening statistic. At least one in five teenagers and young adults suffer from a bunch of mental illness or stress which can have a direct impact on how they function throughout the day, making it extremely difficult for them to get things done. I find these figures are more upsetting than scary. We all know mental disorders exist and the impact they have on the lives of millions of ordinary citizens throughout the globe. The thought of a student of my age going about his day, unable to share the pain he is carrying sends a chill down my spine. No one deserves to suffer in silence. Everyone deserves to have an outlet where they can just let it out and seek the help they deserve.

When you look at it, these findings shouldn’t come as a shock. Mental health or more precisely, mental illnesses and mental disorders carry quite a taboo even in our modern society. The advent of modernity hasn’t really bought any laudable change in the attitude of everyday folk with regards to mental well-being. However, people have started accepting the fact that the mind like our body, to explain it simply, can break down every once in a while. It is more common than some might realize.  Sometimes the situation might persist for a long period of time and that’s completely fine. However, students and parents both still find it extremely challenging to bring up the subject of one’s falling mental health in front of each other. The dynamics of family and the socio-economic condition make the task even more strenuous than it already is. These unchallenged biases make accessing adequate help in a situation of crisis difficult. It is, therefore, the responsibility of teachers, school and college administration, mentors and guardians alike to make sure that the children have a healthy and safe environment to grow up in, where they can flourish and make the best use of their time, they have available to them. Symbiosis International University has always had mental as well as emotional well-being, in addition to the physical well-being of the students as a priority for them. The idea of “vasudhev kutumbakam” helps students, as well as faculty members, inculcate the philosophy of the world is one family in their character as well as to conduct. We at Symbiosis NOIDA believe that every student is valuable and if shown the right path can not only change the destiny of himself but the destiny of others around him as well. Keeping this spirit in mind SCMS NOIDA and Symbiosis Center for Mental and Emotional Wellbeing is coming with a range of programs starting with the Ice-breaking session scheduled on the 24th of March, 2021 for the First Year (Batch 2020-23) students. This event will familiarize as well as introduce the students with the help as well as resources available to them in a time of emotional or mental distress through fun as well as an engaging ice-breaking session. Students are thrilled about the event and the response SCEW has been getting is overwhelming, to say the least.


  1. Ishika Tyagi says:

    We are really excited and eagerly looking forward to attend the session. Mental health is important.❤

  2. Abhilasha Tiwari says:

    good to know that a session in such an important field took place.

  3. Vedika Poddar says:

    very important to focus on mental health

  4. B Sai Rithika says:

    Very insightful. Looking forward to read more like this

  5. Vedika Poddar says:

    A concern which is left unnoticed though a nice blog written 👏

  6. Surya Vajpeyi says:

    Mental health is a topic that is not discussed out loud but we all need to remove this stigma and speak more freely.. Looking forward to attending this session💯

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