Ice Breakers are a huge part of college life. They encourage participants to reach a degree of comfort so that they can connect with other participants in the room, fortify their bond and reduce the level of awkwardness and shyness that they might encounter. Moreover, all of the students are going to spend three years of your college life together. Hence, it is necessary that each and every one of you are comfortable with one another and are able to make companions easily so that you all would be able to move towards success together.

Additionally, Ice breaking sessions can be seen as a great way to discuss the importance of mental health and encourage students not to see mental health problems as a taboo and understand how important self-care is. Generally, most people don’t feel comfortable while discussing mental illness and emotional well-being and that’s why it is important to recognize the problem that persists among teenagers and encourage them to talk about their problems and their feelings.

It is vital to learn out about emotional wellness on account of psychological well-being to think and live happily. Afterall, Mental health is just as important as physical well-being and it needs equal consideration. I believe it is important that mental health and well-being is taught from an early age and at school as well, as mental health problems can affect a student’s energy levels, concentration, mental capacity and may hinder their performance. Hence, it is important to understand how your mind works. Besides, having a daily schedule and dealing with oneself, guarding against being overpowered by pressure and developing good interpersonal boundaries is the foundation of mental health.

Besides, better mental health indicates better daily functioning, better connection and a sense of life fulfilment. Hence, it is the need of the hour. Keeping this in mind and with an aim to create awareness and break the ice amongst students, Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA is planning to organize an event in collaboration with Symbiosis Centre for Emotional Wellbeing, to talk about the importance of emotional and mental health and its importance in our lives and familiarize management students with the concept of mental well-being.. So, lets break the ice and eliminate the stigma.


  1. Vedika Poddar says:

    great article !!

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    Very insightful. Looking forward to read more like this.

  3. This session was exactly what we needed in these times of distress.

  4. Vedika Poddar says:

    Great session looking forward to attend more some events like this

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