My College Dorm and COVID

Had COVID-19 not brought the world to its knees I would’ve been sitting in my hostel room right now with all my girls. I moved to the college hostel back in 2018 to pursue my BBA degree from Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, NOIDA.

This had to be my last year here. I was very excited about being a super senior and cherishing my last year. But since March 13th this year, the college has gone completely quiet. The campus looked so lifeless. We were called home by our parents due to the corona scare.

Even after this, I had high hopes that the college will reopen and we will be back in the hostel. But months passed and we are still here in our homes. I had started missing college way too much. I used to check my college email each day for updates.

Though I missed the routine things of college life: classes, exams, presentations, discussions, classrooms, corridors, friends, classmates, teachers, canteen, and fun and games. In the absence of it, I thought a part of me has become dysfunctional. Somewhat different. But there are a few things I miss the most. I miss my walks around the beautiful campus, especially the lawns in which we used to sit for hours every day after classes and in the evenings, the inner reading room of the hostel where we all used to gather before our exams, playing with Lev and Kuna the college dogs, eating together in the hostel mess, making Maggie in the hostel kitchen at 2am, walking around the hostel corridors with my girls in the night, late-night study and gossip sessions, travelling around for our experiential learning projects, dancing and enjoying the cultural evenings, Netflix binge-watch with my friends and shockingly I never knew I would miss my college warden so much!

Although we started with our classes on time through online means there is not a day that passes by without me missing my friends and hostel. It is said that we know the importance of things when they are gone, well now I realize that’s true! All the things that seemed to be so ordinary and normal are what I miss the most right now!  Symbiosis is my Hogwarts, my home away from home.


  1. Aashi says:

    So true and relatable!

  2. Rashi Sharma says:

    This is so right! Attending college was the most important part of my daily routine and now it’s gone!

  3. Manya Trivedi says:

    This is so relatable !

  4. Beautifully expressed!!

  5. Vasu Arora says:

    So true, I’m too missing college.

  6. Mitali Jain says:

    So relatable!

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