My College Experience: A Shrouded Escapade

“What do you want to do after graduation?”

“What are your plans for your future?”

“Any career goals?”

These are the questions that used to spook me in my sleep.

4th July 2019 marked my first day at Symbiosis Centre for Management Studies, Noida (SCMS NOIDA). When the professor at the first lecture of my life took my name from the attendance sheet, it hit me that yes this is really happening, I’m officially a student of SCMS NOIDA.

Whilst I commenced on my enthralling journey as a BBA student my first thought was; “it’s the best moment to honour myself”. Throughout this journey, I exhilarated myself with full credence in my abilities and was obsessed to chase my dreams. No deterrent was too big or too small for me to manoeuvre because what lies inside me was greater than what was ahead of me. For me, life is dubious and that is the charm of it.

“Remember that studying always comes with challenges. Part of the learning experience is how you deal with them.”

The dawn of 2020 saw the rise of the infamous, coronavirus quandary. With the public locked in their homes, markets and businesses being closed, and the educational institutions being shut down have put the ideal work structure on halt.

So, this is it. I am among the thousands of other final year undergraduates who are impuissant to crown their university life in the way we had all anticipated. No Summer Ball. No Summer Graduation. No poignant farewells to coursemates and faculty.

This doesn’t prescribe that I should let the cherished moments perish without a gala. After all the hard work I have put into achieving my endeavours, I feel it is my duty to celebrate those precious moments with my loved ones.

Approaching the end of my journey at Symbiosis, I feel extremely proud to call myself an SCMS NOIDA graduate. I am intensely beholden to all the good times and people I met through the years.

Studying for my bachelor’s from Symbiosis has given me access to the minds of world-class researchers and cutting-edge research. This experience provided me with a sense of direction, a path that assisted me in determining my career goals and ambitions.

From being a shy kid, willing to stay at the back, amidst the crowd, to becoming a confident individual with a strong thought process, I have lived the best I could have.

Juggling societies & clubs, doing my first internship, winning competitions, acting incorporating interviews, getting my first job offer letter, making tons of friends, talking to hundreds of people, organising competitions, and lots more!

I cannot believe the year to depart and start our professional journey has finally come so close. The episode ‘SCMS NOIDA’ of my life was like a watershed moment in my academic career. Every other day presented a new opportunity, which I truly enjoyed. I was also able to make some tiny improvisations that left an impression. These insights I’ve acquired will without a doubt come in handy for my future undertakings.

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