My internship experience

“You are always one decision away from a totally different life”,

One fine day, struggling with the feeling of being unproductive, I came across an internship opportunity, I applied for it and the next day I gave the interview and got selected for that.

Now, being from the finance department, Sales was something I wasn’t fond of. I thought of dropping it twice, but when I sat and gave it a thought thinking if I decide to do anything, I will conquer it, and then from a boy who was in dilemma of leaving this journey unattended, I became the Sales Associate in just three months, with an unbreakable streak of 146 sales till date. Yes, you read that right!  

My journey has not been less than a rollercoaster ride for me, from days when I used to stress about how I’ll complete my targets every day, to now when I help people with their leads, the time hasn’t been any less challenging but of course one of the most amazing experience for me in my life which shaped me and brushed my skills up. I never thought that working there will bring such a positive change in me but it also helped me to earn while learning.  Isn’t that something that we all crave since the beginning of our college life

From just giving a trail by being just an intern at first then to now handling 250+ interns in PAN India under me, I never thought of looking back. There were hard days too which I cannot deny but what I learned here was how to overcome these to be a better person than you are today because there is a well saying “everything tends to fall apart before something great happens, it depends on you how you place your last step: a step ahead or a step backward”


  1. siddhant upadhyay says:

    I was thinking to take up an internship in a different domain than my specialization but had doubts how it will go…….
    after going through your experience, I am excited to try a different field .
    Most importantly the thought to gather knowledge of other fields via practical application catches attention.

  2. Mohammad Saad Anjum says:

    Congratulations on becoming the Sales Associate in such a short amount of time! What advice would you give to other aspiring candidates looking for a career in sales?

  3. Soumya Deb Saha says:

    an intriguing one…nicely written:)

  4. TEJAL GOSAIN says:

    Thank You for giving us such “to the point insights”. Basically whatever our books teach us we can write in exams but our skill is developed by Internships!

  5. Mitali Shahapurkar says:

    This is great! Congratualtions!

  6. Shreyansh Yadav says:


  7. Varun says:

    Well written 👌🏻

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