“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.”

– Robert Kiyosaki

Humans are social creatures. They live in communities to help each other survive and grow. Networking is one such process, which allows humans to talk, share their ideas, to support and help each other grow. It helps in establishing a relationship of mutual benefit with other business people, potential clients, and customers. By being exposed to new people and environments, students can expand their horizons by getting acquainted with new perspectives, ideas, and opinions on several topics; especially in their field of interest. With networking, one can learn new things about their desired field of interest. Association with positive people could boost the morale of students. Networking can also assist them in improving their skill sets and being aware of the current requirement of the industry and knowing what they could anticipate in the upcoming future.

Students can keep themselves up to date with the latest internships and job opportunities available. Networking can help them in getting a placement, future business contracts and employment. With a strong network, one can enjoy the advantage of recommendations and personal introduction with the people associated with the corporate world. With effective networking skills, one can build a fine professional image of themselves and can build trust among their business connections. The students can even find a mentor themselves, who could guide them. Having a mentor would be beneficial as they could be a source of inspiration for them and they can learn from the mistakes and experiences of their mentor. The mentors could even assist students in solving any problem they might be facing at any point in time.

If in the future, one is planning to build a business, they can use this network to maintain a continuous flow of information, news, and new contracts for their business. They will be able to maintain a healthy relationship with their customers and with their potential clients as well. Also, networking assists students to build goodwill as the people belonging to the network will be aware of the student’s capabilities and how well they can advance in their careers.

To guide the students in building and maintaining superior quality and long-lasting networks which would help them, the Mentoring cell of SCMS NOIDA is conducting a webinar on 29th January 2022. The guest speaker, Mr Manish Advani will equip the students with the apt skills required to build a strong network and form a professional image in the corporate world early on.

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